Everything about Tic Tac Saunf | Review
Everything about Tic Tac Saunf | Review

Everything about Tic Tac Saunf | Review

Hi guys!!! I am your friend, mr_crunchy what product are we going to discuss today? Mmm… Let me give you a clue to find it out. Tick Tock… Tick Tock… Have you found out? Yeah! You guessed correctly. It is Tic Tac. ‘Refreshment to be shared’ is the old slogan of Tic Tac. Tic Tac is completely a refreshment candy, very famous for its mini box & glossy pill shape. Everyone knows Tic Tac. Let’s find out more interesting facts about it.

Why people love Tic Tac Saunf?

People love it because of its cute mini box and the cooling effect it gives in mouth. Tic Tac gives its strong fragrance to refresh our breath. Taking a Tic Tac box from our shirt pocket in front of others is very cool. It’s affordable price and size is another reason to like it more.

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Wanna Know About The Brand?

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Brand Name
Tic Tac
Alba, Italy
Area Served
Parent Company
Ferrero India Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India
Area Served
India, China, Middle East & South East Asia
Parent Group
Ferrero Group
Alba, Italy
Area Served
170+ countries

Basic Overview

Mouth Fresh Mood Refresh
Sub category
Hard candy
Shelf Life
15 months
Net Quantity
7.7 g
Rs. 10
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit

Important Images on the Pack

Tic Tac brand logo is illustrated in a green leaf background. The green leaf reminds one of the main characteristics of Tic Tac, which is refreshing. Water droplets are illustrated around the logo. Do you want to know the story behind the name Tic Tac?

Illustration shows that Tic Tac is Saunf (fennel) flavoured. There are many flavours available in Tac Tac. In 1990, Tic Tac had steady growth in the market. Tic Tac had become one of the most popular confectioneries in the world.

The pack is light green in colour and transparent. So, the treat present inside is visible from outside. Overall the presentation is full of green colour to show the role of Tic Tac in freshness. What are the ingredients used in making Tic Tac? Let’s find out on reading further.

Unboxing Tic Tac Saunf

Special Design
Details on the Pack

Primary Packaging

Taste Experience of Tic Tac Saunf

On opening the pack, vanilla aroma can be sensed from besides a mild saunf flavour. When gasping the treat, it delivers more vanilla aroma.

At first glance the treat looks like a pill and unique in structure, the treat looks like milk white in colour. It contains a shiny layer coating in each treat and it gives glossiness. Every Tic Tac is the same size and shape.

Touching Tic Tac gives a smooth feel and hard texture.  The treat rolls quickly in our palm when we adjust our hand. It is an example for its smooth surface and perfect cylindrical shape.

While tasting, it releases saunf flavour in the mouth and it gives a slight cooling sensation in tongue that feels like refreshment.

A smooth and cooling mouthfeel is observed and is present in the mouth and throat for a few minutes. Consuming one by one, increases the strength of cooling effect.

Special Design Fact

We would consume refreshing mints only when it is needed and in a limited quantity. If we take a Tic Tac mini box without this special design, shaking upside down we may end up getting more Tic Tac in our hand. This is where this special design helps; leading to ‘shaking the pack upside down and then flipping it to open upside down’ dispenses a single Tic Tac in the capsule shaped gap (in top cap) at a time.

Tic Tac Saunf’s Ingredients

Source : Sugarcane
How : Sugarcane is crushed and the juice is extracted. Then the juice is filtered and filtered. and  is crystallized to produce sugar.
Why : Sugar acts as a base ingredient i.e. it gives body and texture to Tic Tac and  also adds sweetness.

INS 1400

Name :  Dextrin
Source : Corn Starch
How : Dextrin are made by hydrolysing the corn starch with enzymes or acids.
Why : The main role of dextrin is to give smoothness to Tic Tac. It also acts as a bulking agent.

INS 414

Name : Gum Arabic
Source : Hardened sap of various species of Acacia tree
How : The gum naturally flows from the bark of the tree. The gum is collected, dissolved in water and then spray dried into powder form.
Why : Gum Arabic enhances the thickness of  Tic Tac. It also acts as an emulsifier and stabiliser.

Source : Rice
How : Broken rice grains are steeped for several hours in caustic soda, washed and then grounded with water. Then the resultant undergoes the centrifugation process. This is then filtered, neutralized, centrifuged and allowed for drying to produce starch.
Why : Rice starch provides white colour,  smoothens and smooth finish to Tic Tac. Rice starch also gives a creamy mouthfeel without the addition of fat it acts as a fat replacer.

Source : Corn Starch
How : Corn starch is treated with enzymes to produce glucose. Then chemical hydrogenation of glucose is done to produce fructose.
Why : Fructose provides more sweetness than sugar, prevents sugar crystallisation and provides a smooth texture to the Tic Tac.

INS 470 (i)

Name : Sodium Salts of Fatty Acids
Source : Industry
How : Sodium salts of fatty acids is the salt form of  sodium reacting with fatty acids produced from edible vegetable oil.
Why : Sodium salts of fatty acids prevents the sugar from forming into a lump. It also gives uniform texture to Tic Tac, acts as an emulsifier and prevents ingredients from separating.

INS 903

Name : Carnauba Wax
Source : Carnauba Palm Leaves
How : Carnauba are obtained by scraping off the wax coating on the leaves of this plant.
Why : Carnauba wax act as glazing agents which enhances the visual appearance of the Tic Tac, and is more appealing to the consumers. It prevents them from melting.

  • Natural Flavour & Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Fennel
Source : Fennel Seeds
How : The flavours from the fennel seeds can be extracted by multiple methods.
Why : Natural flavour & flavouring substances give fennel flavour to Tic Tac. 

  • Artificial Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Cooling
Source : Industry
How : Artificial flavouring substances have chemical structure which does not  resemble the chemical structure of any ‘Natural flavour’ that exist in nature and is completely made in the laboratory.
Why : Artificial flavour added is cooling which gives the cooling effect, when the Tic Tac is consumed. Feel is similar to the mint cooling effect.

6_ingredients our creation 1_1

Nutritional Information - Per Pack/Per Serve

Tictac Saunf nutritional information

Per pack = 7.7 g (16 pills)

30.18 kcal
7.45 g
29.8 kcal
0.0385 g
0.3465 kcal

*Per serve = 0.96 g (2 pills)

3.76 kcal
0.93 g
3.72 kcal

The per serve value is not given in pack and is completely based on mr_crunchy perspective.

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium*
Not mentioned
Cholesterol Free
Trans fat Free
Caffeine Free

Why is sodium given as not mentioned?
The saturated fat value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Tic Tac. But, having a look at the ingredients list, there is a mention about the usage of fat, which may contain saturated fat. The value of saturated fat is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[1]

Dietary Check

Gluten free
Lactose free
Tree Nut free
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

Things to know before buying

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates that Tic Tac Saunf is a vegetarian product and it is mentioned on the top side.

The multiple sources used in the production of Tic Tac Saunf are listed and are mentioned on the back side.

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in Tic Tac Saunf are listed. It is mentioned on the back side.

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

Must See
There is no must see information.

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which this Tic Tac Saunf was manufactured is mentioned on the back side.

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of the Tic Tac Saunf, consume it before the given date. It is mentioned on the back side.

Ingredients to Know Before Buying

Tic Tac is a confectionary product which has sugar as base ingredient. This means that Tic Tac is made from sugar. This 7.7 g Tic Tac contains approximately 7.1 g sugar. Though the Tic Tac packs are small, it adds up extra sugar to our diet. If you are concerned about the sugar level in your diet, this is valuable information.

Warnings on Tic Tac Saunf Pack

No warnings.

Tic Tac Saunf’s Packaging

The primary packaging is made up of hard transparent plastic material. The recycle number is 5 indicates the material used for packaging i.e., Polypropylene.  It is designed to store 16 Tic Tac pills. The mini box easily fits in a shirt pocket and it is easy to carry. It can be recycled again and safe for food contact.

The secondary packaging is a label and is printed on top of the packaging. The label is printed for marketing and to deliver information to consumers. The recycle number for secondary packaging is not mentioned on the pack.

This is a food safe material symbol and is described by a wine glass and fork. It also indicates the packaging material used.

Claims on Tic Tac Saunf

No claims.

Other Breakdowns in Tic Tac Saunf

Why does the colour of Tic Tac candy not resemble its flavour?
The Tic Tac is available only in white colour and the pack colour changes according to the flavour (e.g.) Orange colour box for orange flavour). Tic Tac which is edible is always in white colour. Since the flavour is mostly in added form, it doesn’t give the colour to represent flavour which is found in nature.

Where & How to Store Tic Tac Saunf?

Before Opening the Pack

Expectation Vs Reality

Some Interesting Facts Before You Leave

Fact 1
First Tic Tac was named as ‘Refreshing Mints’. In 1970, it was named ‘Tic Tac’.
Big Berry, Coca-Cola, Mint, Gum and Freeze are other variants of Tic Tac.
Fact 3
Tic Tac, Nutella, Kinder Joy and Ferrero Rocher are served by Ferrero group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tic Tac is not designed to fit for diabetics. Diabetic persons should have Doctor’s advice on consuming Tic Tac. But, it is suitable for moderate dietary approach and active lifestyle.

Yes. Consume it within fifteen months from manufacture date printed on the pack.

The name was inspired by the ‘tic’ and ‘tac’ sound heard when the Tic Tac box is opened and closed.

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.


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