Everything about Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter | Review
Everything about Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter | Review

Everything about Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter | Review

I love my mom. Don’t you? Mom’s always try hard to chill out our anger and comfort us. Mom tries her own ways to do it. Mom’s Magic!!! Can you be angry with your mom for a long time? Definitely can’t. Now let’s taste Sunfeast Mom’s Magic. Do these biscuits have nutritional benefits as the foods cooked by Mom? Let’s learn about the nutritional information of these cookies much more. Dive in with me.

Why do people love Sunfeast Mom’s Magic?

I think its rich taste, quality and affordable price is the main reason for people loving it. Even the TV ad of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic makes a strong sentiment between viewers and Mom’s magic. Parent’s mindset of giving Mom’s Magic biscuit as a reward for children is another reason.

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Wanna Know About The Brand?

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Brand Name
Sunfeast Mom’s Magic
Kolkata, India
Area Served
Indian Subcontinent and Gulf countries
Parent Company
Kolkata, India
Area Served
Indian Subcontinent and Gulf countries
Parent Group
ITC Limited
Kolkata, India
Area Served
Indian Subcontinent and Gulf countries

Basic Overview

Dil ka tukda
Bakery Products
Sub category
Fine bakery wares – Biscuits
Shelf Life
6 months
Net Quantity
75 g
Rs. 10
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit
Manufacturing Unit 1
Manufacturing Unit 2
Manufacturing Unit 3
Manufacturing Unit 4
Manufacturing Unit 5
Manufacturing Unit 6
Manufacturing Unit 7
Manufacturing Unit 8
Manufacturing Unit 9
Manufacturing Unit 10

Important Images on the Pack

The brand logo of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic is illustrated. Instead of the letter ‘O’, the heart shape is used. It also indicates the love of a mom towards her children and Mom’s Magic marketing slogan ‘Piece of heart’. The Golden colour of the logo gives a premium look to Mom’s Magic pack.

The biscuit present inside is shown on the pack. The butter curling’s near the treat shows the biscuit’s richness in butter. Don’t panic! You really heard the word biscuit not cookie. Even Mom’s Magic Butter looks like a cookie, but it comes under the category biscuits. Why is it? It’s because of the ingredients. Cookies contain more ingredients like nuts and dry fruits other than base ingredients like butter, sugar & flour. The top surface of the biscuit also looks like butter curling’s.

25 % Extra!!! The most attractive claim on the pack. It indicates the extra added weight in net weight of the previous Mom’s Magic pack. Then What is the original weight? Let’s find it out in this article.

Unboxing Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

Special Design
Details on the Pack

Primary Packaging

Treat Design

On opening the pack, it delivers a strong butter aroma. The treat also gives the aroma of a baked biscuit along with rich butter aroma.

The treat is mild white with medium baked brownish round shape. They are designed on the top surface of the biscuit like a wave structure and it is flat at the bottom.

I feel hard and the broad texture is sensed on touching the treat. The top surface of the treat has a wave formation and it delivers the slight roughness sense. The cookie gives grip and comfort to hands when eating.

When consuming the treat, it is slightly hard to cut between teeth. At first bite, it gives the crunchier feel. A crunchier sound is also heard. After eating the treat, it gives the taste of butter with slight vanilla aroma. The treat delivers the sweetness with butter taste. Biscuit also melts in the mouth.

The mouthfeel of the treat is a dry; crumble and slight butter feel for a few minutes. Some crunched semi solid part sticks in teeth. Sweetness is observed for a long time after eating the treat.

Special Design Fact

The wave formation on the top surface of the biscuit is the special design of Mom’s Magic biscuits. When breaking the biscuit in perpendicular to wave formation, it doesn’t break evenly. It breaks into three or more pieces. When breaking the biscuit in parallel to wave formation, it breaks evenly into two halves. So, it is better to hold the biscuit parallel to wave formation while eating. By doing it, we can easily eat the biscuit without spill.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic’s Ingredients

Source : Wheat Grain
How : Refined wheat flour is also called Maida. It is sourced from wheat gram. The endosperm part of the wheat germ is separated by milling and grounded to produce maida.
Why : Refined wheat flour forms the base ingredient where other ingredients are added to it to make Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Source : Sugarcane
How : From sugarcane, the juice is extracted. The extracted juice is heated and filtered. Then it is crystallized to produce sugar.
Why : Sugar not only gives sweetness to the biscuit but also helps in improving the textural properties of  Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Source : Palm Fruit.
How : Palm oil is produced by oil extraction from the pulp of the palm fruit. The palm fruits are blanched, threshed and digested. Then it is pressed to obtain palm oil. It is further clarified, dried and stored.
Why : Palm oil improves the textural properties of the biscuit and provides better mouthfeel on consuming  Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Amount Added : 2 %
Source : Milk
How : Cream is separated from the milk. Then, butter is produced by churning cream. Milk fat is solidified to produce butter.
Why : Since the biscuit is a butter flavoured biscuit, butter is added. Its role is to give flavour and to improve the texture of Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

  • INS 500 (ii)

Name : Sodium Bicarbonate
Source : Industry
How : Sodium bicarbonate is produced when  sodium carbonate reacts with water and carbon dioxide.
Why : Sodium bicarbonate releases CO2 during baking which increases the volume of the Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

  • INS 503 (ii)

Name : Ammonium Bicarbonate
Source : Industry
How : Ammonium bicarbonate is produced when ammonium reacts with water and carbon dioxide.
Why : Ammonium bicarbonate is used as the leavening agent which releases CO2 during baking. It increases the volume of Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

  • INS 450 (i)

Name : Dipotassium Diphosphate
Source : Industry
How : Dipotassium diphosphate is the potassium salt of phosphoric acid. It is produced by neutralization of phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide.
Why : Dipotassium diphosphate helps to leaven and therefore increases the volume of  Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Source : Milk
How : Milk solids are powdered forms of  milk. The water content of milk is evaporated and the dried part is taken as milk solids.
Why : Milk solids have many roles in the biscuit. It provides textural properties and also helps in improving the taste of the biscuit. The milk solids also help in providing colour to Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Source : Sea Water
How : Sea water is evaporated by sunlight to produce sea salt. After that, potassium iodate or potassium iodide is sprayed over the salt to convert the normal sea salt into an iodised salt.
Why : Iodised salt is added to enhance the flavour and to provide preservation which increases shelf life of the biscuit.

Source : Sugar
How : Invert syrup is produced by heating sugar with water and citric acid.
Why : Invert syrup is sweeter than sucrose or table sugar. Invert syrup helps the biscuit in providing colour, giving flavour and improving texture of the biscuit.

INS 322 (i)

Name : Partially Hydrolysed Lecithin
Source : Soybean
How : Lecithin is a by-product in  soybean oil production. Lecithin is isolated from soybeans commercially. Then partial hydrolysis of lecithin takes place by enzymes to produce partially hydrolysed lecithin.
Why : Partially hydrolysed lecithin helps in dispersion of fat  when mixing  with dough. It also helps in holding the ingredients together.

INS 471

Name : Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids
Source : Industry
How : Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids are produced by reacting fatty acids and glycerol.
Why : Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids prevent the ingredients from separating and thus improving the stability of the biscuit. These also help in dough mixing.

INS 472e

Name : Diacetyl Tartaric and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol (DATEM)
Source Industry
How : DATEM is produced by interaction of diacetyl tartaric anhydride with mono and diglycerides of fatty acids in the presence of tartaric acid or acetic acid.
Why DATEM helps the ingredients bind together and prevents them  separating. DATEM acts as an emulsifier and helps to strengthen the gluten network in dough. It improves the texture and the volume of Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Flavours : Butter & Vanilla
Source : Industry
How : Nature Identical flavouring substances are  chemical structures resembling the chemical structure of the ‘Natural flavour’ such as a fruit but made completely in a laboratory.
Why : Nature identical flavouring imparts flavour and improves the flavour profile of Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

Artificial Flavouring substances

Flavours : Butter & Milk
Source : Industry
How : The artificial flavours have a chemical structure which does not resemble the chemical structure of any ‘Natural flavours’ that exist in nature and is completely made in a laboratory.
Why : Artificial flavours enhance the flavour of  Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit.

6_ingredients our creation 1_1

Nutritional Information - Per Pack/Per Serve

Mom's Magic Butter nutritional information

Per pack = 75 g (10 biscuits)

381.7 kcal
48.8 g
195.2 kcal
6.3 g
25.2 kcal
17.9 g
161.1 kcal

*Per serve = 22.5 g (3 biscuits)

114.5 kcal
14.65 g
58.6 kcal
1.89 g
7.56 kcal
5.38 g
48.42 kcal

There is no recommendation about per serve size. The per serve value given here is totally a perspective of mr_crunchy.

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium*
Not mentioned
Cholesterol Free*
Not mentioned
Trans fat Free
Caffeine Free

*Why is sodium given as not mentioned?Sodium value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter. But, having a look at the ingredients list, there is a mention about the usage of salt, which contains sodium obviously. The value of sodium is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[1]
*Why cholesterol is given as not mentioned?
The cholesterol value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter. The value of cholesterol is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[2]

Dietary Check

Gluten free
Lactose free
Tree Nut free*
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

*Why is it ‘maybe’ a Tree nut free product?
It is because the ingredients are processed in the equipment where tree nut products are processed. So we cannot conclude that Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter is a tree nut free product.

Things to know before buying

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates that Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit is a vegetarian product.  It is mentioned on the front side.

The multiple sources used in the production of Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit are listed and are mentioned on the back side.

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter biscuit are listed which is mentioned on the bottom side.

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

Must See
The info which needs the most concern is mentioned on the back side.

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which this Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter Biscuit was packed is mentioned on the bottom.

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of this biscuit, consume it before the given date is mentioned on the back side.

Ingredients to Know Before Buying

This 75g Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Butter contains about 17.55 grams of sugar. This is valuable info for sugar concerned people.

Sulphites are ingredients that are added to maintain the colour and freshness of the dried ingredients such as dried nuts, raisins etc. The sulphites can cause asthmatic reactions and headache. People should avoid sulphites if they are sulphite sensitive.

Warnings on Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Pack

12_Warning our creation 1
Gluten Intolerance
Wheat Allergy
Celiac Disease
Milk Protein Allergy
Milk Lactose Intolerance
Soy Allergy
Tree Nut
Tree nut Allergy
Sulphite Allergy

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic’s Packaging

The major advantage of primary packaging is that it acts as a barrier between the treat and outside environment of the pack. So, the pack doesn’t let the aroma outside the pack. It prevents the treat from moisture content outside and secures the treat from the damages during handling. The recycle number mentioned here are 5 which is ‘polypropylene’. This is the material used for packaging. It has good impact strength and is recyclable.

The company illustrated a man throwing the pack into the dustbin; It conveys that the empty pack should be thrown into the dustbin after consuming it.

Claims on Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

25 % extra
As we don’t have the previous versions of the pack, we really can’t compare how much they have provided extra in the pack. As for the calculations, each biscuit weighs around 7.5 grams and 25% extra to the previous 60 grams which is about 15 g i.e., 2 biscuits. The total weight of the pack after the 25 % extra is 75 g.

Other Breakdowns in Sunfeast Mom’s Magic

Butter biscuits – How much butter does it really contain?
Mom’s Magic butter contains about 2% of real butter which is about 1.5 grams of butter in a 75 g pack.

But how does 2% butter can give that much flavour?
The Added butter cannot give it much flavour which we can feel when the pack is opened. Then how did the flavour and aroma come from?
The answer lies in the ingredient list. They have added artificial butter flavour along with nature identical butter flavour. When these two combine, it gives Mom’s Magic butter flavour and taste.

Where & How to Store Sunfeast Mom’s Magic?

Before Opening the Pack

Expectation Vs Reality


Some Interesting Facts Before You Leave

Fact 1
In Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Business, ITC is one of India's leading marketers.
ITC Limited was ranked as India’s most admired company in a survey conducted by Fortune India in association with Hay group.
Fact 3
Well known brands like Classmate, Yippee, Vivel, Aashirvaad, Mangaldeep, GumOn…etc., are also owned by ITC.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Refined wheat flour (Maida) is used.

Yes. It contains wheat, milk solids and soya. It may contain traces of nuts and sulphites.

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.


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