Dabur Honey Squeezy | Review 2021
Dabur Honey Squeezy | Review 2021
Dabur Honey Squeezy
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 170
Net Quantity: 225 G
Flavour: –
Last Updated: 5 OCTOBER 2021
Dabur Honey Squeezy
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 170
Net Quantity: 225 G
Flavour: –
Last Updated: 5 OCTOBER 2021

Why do people love Dabur honey squeezy?

People love the Dabur Honey squeezy because it is easy to use, we don’t need to use a spoon to take out honey which in turn may lead to spoilage (by using wet spoons and improper closing) 

The squeezy has a valve which opens only when pressure is applied. It makes things easier and less messy. 

Everything you need to know about Dabur Honey Squeezy | 2021

This review helps Dabur Honey Squeezy consumers to know about the price, ingredients, nutrition, pros and cons of Dabur Honey Squeezy, etc.

Other flavours in dabur honey and its difference

  1. Normal flavour: 100% honey
  2. Chocolate flavour: 90% honey
  3. Strawberry flavour: 95.34% honey

Label Information

This is a vegetarian product
white space
Brand Name:
Parent Name:
Dabur Honey Squeezy
Dabur India Ltd.
Rs. 170
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Net Quantity:
Best Before:
225 g
12 months from manufacture

Ingredients in Dabur Honey Squeezy:
Honey (100%).

How to test pure honey?:

Testing can be done in multiple ways but usually the store bought one tends to pass all these tests. Therefore a more advanced method is needed to verify the quality. But still we shall list most of the methods used to test the purity of the honey.

They are as follows

The first method is using water. This is a Rapid test.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India’s food regulator FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) recommends the DART (Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test), which is a common quick test to ascertain Honey’s purity and can be done at your home.
1. Honey in water Test

  • Take a Transparent glass of water
  • Add a drop of honey to the Glass
  • Pure Honey will not disperse in water
  • If honey drop disperses, it indicates the presence of added sugar.


pure honey


adulteration honey

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  • Take a cotton wick dipped in pure honey and light with a match stick.
  •  Pure honey will burn.
  •  If adulterated, the presence of water will not allow the honey to burn if it does; it will produce a cracking sound.

The other tests are usually done locally to check the quality of the Honey.

Unfortunately, these tests can give both false positive (fake honey shows positive results) and false negative (pure honey shows negative results).

The Tests are as follows:
2. Honey burn Test
Honey remains unburned. To try the heat test, dip a matchstick in honey and light it. If it burns, then your honey is adulterated.
3. Honey Drip Test
If it Drips drop by drop it indicates an adulterated quality honey. Honey should flow in a thin line and not drip.
4. Vinegar Test
Mix a few drops of honey into vinegar water, if the mixture starts to foam, then your honey is fake.

There are many other tests which are used to test the Quality of which many shall give false results and is not the best method to check the purity. But if you want to check the other most used methods check out in this link.

Nutritional Information: (Approximate Values)

Per 100 g
320 kcal
80 g
Naturals Sugars
80 g
Added Sugar
0 g
0 g
0 g
17 mg
138 mg
13 mg
1.5 mg
5 mg

Tip & Tricks:

  • Honey with Ginger aids in many health benefits such as digestion, immunity,sore throat, pain killer, as a remedy for cough and prevents nausea.
  • Honey with Garlic helps to nourish skin, cures common cold and allergies, and also strengthens immunity.
  • Honey with Lemon aids digestion, Detoxifies body, boosts energy, Clears the skin and is a good remedy for Throat infection.
Serving Size:
Allergen Concerns:
No recommendation/information

Special Claims:

Purity Guaranteed.

Storage Conditions:

  1. Do not refrigerate.
  2. Honey tends to crystallize and can be liquefied by placing in hot water or sunlight.

Crystallization forms in dabur honey from more reviews:

Crystallisation can happen due to low storage temperature, as it has a tendency to form crystals which can be reverted back by heating the honey in a bottle in a pan of hot water, which shall bring back honey to liquid form.

  • Honey crystallizes because it is a supersaturated solution. This means it has more than 70% natural sugar content and natural sugar tends to stabilize as crystals.
  • Crystallization of honey is an absolutely natural phenomenon. It also occurs during change in season or sudden drop in temperature or moisture ingress due to multiple usage with wet spoons in bottles of honey.
  • Other small particles or even air bubbles can also play a role in the crystallization process.


  1. Do Not refrigerate as it tends to crystallise easier.
  2. Do not over eat honey as it is also a type of sugar and should be in limit.
  3. Avoid using a wet spoon to scoop honey as it would increase the chances of contamination, moisture content and may lead to deterioration in the Organoleptic properties and its impact on shelf life..
Recycle Number:
Disposal Info:
1 – PET
Dry Waste
Customer Care:
1800 103 1644

CrunchyTalk's Information about Dabur Honey Squeezy:

Dabur Honey is one of the world’s popular honey brands. Dabur Honey is used to boost immunity, manage a healthy weight and improve digestion and metabolism. One can add Dabur Honey as a part of his/her daily regime. The Dabur Honey Squeezy 225 g pack is available in “Buy 1 Get 1” offer in which you get one more Dabur Honey Squeezy 225 g pack free.

How was Dabur Honey Squeezy delivered from Amazon?

I ordered Dabur Honey Squeezy along with many other products in a single order on Amazon. The Dabur Honey Squeezy pack of two (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) were kept at the very bottom in a separate partition of the carton box. Both the Dabur Honey Squeezy packs were delivered to me safely without any issues. Overall I’m satisfied with Amazon’s delivery of the two Dabur Honey Squeezy packs.

Tip for online grocery consumers: Make sure to check the below noted points as soon as you get the parcel,

  1. Expiry date/manufacturing date
  2. Storage conditions
  3. whether the pack is puffed or leaked

Before purchasing any grocery product, check our website for a quality review. If you need a review on a grocery product, feel free to inform us here.

Dabur Honey Squeezy Unboxing:

The Dabur Honey Squeezy pack holds about 225 g of Dabur Honey.

dabur honey squeezy unboxing

Dabur Honey Squeezy’s Ingredients in Depth:

Base Ingredients

Honey (100 %)

Additives in Dabur Honey Squeezy


Does Dabur Honey Squeezy fit in your diet?

Low Sugar
Low Fat
Sugar Free
Low Sodium
Caffeine Free
Treenut Free
Lactose Free
Peanut Free
Gluten Free
Soya Free
Transfat Free

Nutrition – Intake Level:

Amount present in Per Serve (20 g)
Covers about (what)% of RDA
16 g
covers about 53.3 % of RDA
3.4 mg
covers about 0.2% of RDA
Saturated Fat

There is no mention of Per serve value on the pack and we have taken 20 g approx (1 tbsp) of Dabur Honey as Per serve.


1. Honey is the main & only ingredient used.
2. No additives are added.
3. It mixes well with milk and water.
4. Pack is handy and comfortable to hold.
5. The squeezy pack helps to easily squeeze out honey without worrying about spillage.
6. Available in small shops and departmental stores.
7. Available in e-commerce sites.
8. Always ready to serve, no need to wait for the honey to flow regardless of its volume inside the squeezy pack.


  1. Per serve is not recommended.
  2. Cost is high.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dabur Honey is manufactured by Dabur India Ltd.

Honey is the main and only ingredient in Dabur Honey.

Yes. Dabur Honey can be mixed with milk or water and be consumed.

Yes, Honey itself is a natural sugar.

Yes. You can add Dabur Honey instead of white sugar to milk to get a sweet taste.

The price of Dabur Honey Squeezy 225 g pack is Rs. 170. Also you get one more Dabur Honey Squeezy 225 g pack free along with this 225 g squeezy pack.

The squeezy pack makes the process of getting honey out without worrying about its spillage.

As far as I have used, the honey flow stops when we stop squeezing the pack all of a sudden. It is very convenient to use.

No, it doesn’t. The Membrane and the cap hold the honey secure, without any leakage.

Even if the squeezy pack is near empty, the honey is always ready to flow out of the pack and is ready to be consumed. It will be a slow process if we use a glass jar as the honey takes some more time to flow out.

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Overall Experience:

Taste Rating

The squeezy bottle pack has a cartoonistic beehive design. Strangely when the bottle was made to stand vertically, it stood on its lid which we use to open and close. This style makes it easier for us to squeeze and get honey real quick out of the bottle. The flow of honey from the bottle depends on the pressure we use to squeeze the bottle. The honey had a consistency of a thick fluid. I sensed honey’s unique sweet aroma but it was mild when I took it spoonful. While tasting the honey, I felt it to be too sweet. It is good. Let us know in the comments about your taste experience.

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