Maggi Masala Ae Magic | Review 2021
Maggi Masala Ae Magic | Review 2021

Everything you need to know about Maggi Masala Ae Magic | 2021

Maggi Masala Ae Magic is an ingredient which enhances the taste of vegetables and makes them tastier. This blend of 10 choicest, aromatic and roasted spices is a good cooking aid to mothers everywhere because it adds a flavorful taste and aroma to your dishes, which is loved by kids. The price of a Maggi Masala Ae Magic 72 g pack is Rs. 58.

Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 58
Net Quantity: 72 g (12 Units X 6 g)
Flavour: Masala-ae-Magic
Last Updated: 12 October 2021
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 58
Net Quantity: 72 g (12 Units X 6 g)
Flavour: Masala-ae-Magic
Last Updated: 12 October 2021

1. Maggi Masala Ae Magic Unboxing: (CrunchyTalk info)

The Maggi Masala Ae Magic share pack with a net quantity of 72 g contains 12 sachets (36 serves) with net quantity of 6 g each.

maggi masala ae magic 6g (pack of 12) image

This Maggi Masala Ae Magic review helps you to know about the price, ingredients added, nutrition, pros and cons of Maggi Masala Ae Magic, etc.

2. Product Information: (Label Info)

This is a vegetarian product
white space
Brand Name:
Parent Name:
Maggi Masala Ae Magic
Rs. 58
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Net Quantity:
Best Before:
72 g (12 Units X 6 g)
9 months from manufacture

3. Ingredients in Maggi Masala Ae Magic: (Label info)

Mixed spices (38.7%) [Roasted spice powder (14%) (Coriander, Turmeric (3.5%), Cumin (1.7%), Aniseed (1.4%), Black pepper (0.9%), Fenugreek (0.7%), Ginger, Clove (0.3%), Green cardamom (0.3%), Nutmeg (0.3%)), Red chilli powder (7%), Dehydrated onion, Dried garlic, Capsicum extract, Roasted cumin powder (3.5%), Spice extract blend (Capsicum extract, Coriander extract, Cumin extract (0.001%))] , Iodised salt, Sugar, Starch, Flavour enhancer (635), Palm oil,
Thickener (508), Vitamin mineral premix [Minerals (Ferric pyrophosphate, Potassium iodate), Carrier (Starch), Vitamin (Retinyl acetate)], Acidity regulator (330) and Caramel salt mix (Iodised salt, Colour (150d), Palm oil).

Contains Permitted Natural Colour and Added Flavour (Natural Flavouring Substances)

4. Special Claims: (Label info)


5. Are the Claims True? (CrunchyTalk info)


6. Maggi Masala Ae Magic’s Ingredients in Depth: (CrunchyTalk info)

Base Ingredients in Maggi Masala Ae Magic

  1. Mixed spices (38.7%)
  2. {Roasted spice powder (14%)
  3. [Coriander
  4. Turmeric (3.5%)
  5. Cumin (1.7%)
  6. Aniseed (1.4%)
  7. Black pepper (0.9%)
  8. Fenugreek (0.7%)
  9. Ginger
  10. Clove (0.3%)
  11. Green cardamom (0.3%)
  12. Nutmeg (0.3%)]
  13. Red chilli powder (7%)
  14. Dehydrated onion
  15. Dried garlic
  16. Capsicum extract
  17. Roasted cumin powder (3.5%)
  18. Spice extract blend
  19. [Capsicum extract
  20. Coriander extract
  21. Cumin extract (0.001%)]}
  22. Iodised salt
  23. Sugar
  24. Starch
  25. Palm oil
  26. Vitamin Mineral Premix
  27. {Vitamin (Retinyl acetate)
  28. Minerals
  29. [Ferric pyrophosphate
  30. Potassium iodate]
  31. Carrier (Starch)}

Additives in Maggi Masala Ae Magic

  1. Flavour enhancer (635)
  2. Thickener (508)
  3. Acidity regulator (330)
  4. Caramel salt mix [Colour (150d)]
  5. Permitted Natural Colour
  6. Added Flavour (Natural Flavouring Substances)

7. Does Maggi Masala Ae Magic Fit in Your diet? (CrunchyTalk info)

Low Sugar
Low Fat
Sugar Free
Low Sodium
Caffeine Free
Treenut Free
Lactose Free (Maybe)
Peanut Free
Gluten Free (Maybe)
Soya Free (Maybe)
Transfat Free

8. Nutritional Information: (Approximate Values) (Label info)

Per 100 g
Per Serve* (2 g)
%GDA# Per Serve
233 kcal
5 kcal
5.9 g
0.1 g
42.3 g
0.8 g
– Total Sugars
15.3 g
0.3 g
– Sugar (Sucrose)
13.8 g
0.3 g
– Fibre
10.6 g
0.2 g
Total Fat
4.5 g
0.1 g
– Saturated Fat
1.7 g
0.0 g
– Trans Fat
0.04 g
0.00 g
14975.0 mg
299.5 mg
%RDA~ Per Serve
> Vitamin A
4500.00 μg RE
90.00 μg RE
> Iron
128.00 mg
2.56 mg
> Iodine
1125.00 μg
22.50 μg

* Pack contains 12 sachets. Each sachet contains 3 serves.
# Guideline Daily Amounts of an average adult (2000 kcal). Pack contains 36 serves.
~ Recommended Dietary Allowances for a sedentary Indian Male, (ICMR 2010)
> Each serving (2 g) of this product provides 15% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A, Iron and Iodine.

Serving Size:
Allergen Concerns:
Per serve is 2 g
May Contain Gluten, Milk solids, Mustard and Soya

9. Nutrition - Intake Level: (CrunchyTalk info)

Amount present in Per Serve (2 g)
Covers about (what)% of RDA
0.3 g
covers about 1 % of RDA
299.5 mg
covers about 15 % of RDA
Saturated Fat
0.03 g
covers about 0.1 % of RDA

10. Storage Conditions: (Label info)

Store in a Cool, Dry and Hygienic Place.

11. For Awareness: (Label info)

If a serve is 2 g (cooked as per instructions)
Energy: 5 kcal (0%), Total Fat: 0.1 g (0%), Saturated Fat: 0.0 g (0%), Total Sugars: 0.3 g (0%), Sodium: 299.5 mg (12%)

Recycle Number:
Disposal Info:
7 – Other
Customer Care:
1800 103 1947

12. Pros: (CrunchyTalk info)

  1. Makes the food more delicious.
  2. Can be used as a tastemaker.
  3. Many other variants are available.
  4. Whole pack contains 36 serves.
  5. Available in local shops.
  6. Available in e-commerce sites.

13. Cons: (CrunchyTalk info)

  1. Contains additives (5).
  2. Sodium content is high.
  3. Serving size is ⅓ of the individual packs inside.

14. Frequently Asked Questions: (CrunchyTalk info)

Maggi Masala Ae Magic is manufactured by Nestlé.

No. Both Maggi Masala Ae Magic and the tastemaker in Maggi Masala Noodles are different from each other.

Yes. You can add Maggi Masala Ae Magic to Maggi Masala Noodles instead of the tastemaker provided with the noodles.

Yes. Maggi Masala Ae Magic contains additives.

Yes. Maggi Masala Ae Magic is high in sodium.

There are 12 sachets (36 serves) with a net quantity of 6 g each.

There are many variants available in Maggi Masala Ae Magic such as Maggi Masala-vin-Magic, Maggi Masala-ae-Magic Shahi Masala, Maggi Magic Cubes Vegetarian Masala, Maggi Paneer-ae-Magic Kadhai Paneer Masala and Maggi Paneer-ae-Magic Shahi Paneer Masala.

15. Overall Experience: (CrunchyTalk info)

Taste Rating

After opening the pack I sensed a mixed aroma of turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt and sugar. It was a different flavour with sourness and it had a unique smell. I cooked pasta with no added masala and I mixed Maggi Masala Ae Magic with it as per the instructions given on the pack. After cooking and mixing the pasta with the Maggi Ae masala, it was yellow in colour with red colour textures and the Maggi Ae masala was evenly mixed all over. A mild aroma came from it. I mixed two sachets (12 g) of Maggi Ae Masala Magic which was necessary for the quantity of pasta I cooked. The pasta mixed with Maggi Masala Ae Magic had a spicy and masala taste. I needed to add a bit of salt to it. The taste was Superb. Let us know in the comments about your taste experience.

16. How to buy Maggi Masala Ae Magic? (CrunchyTalk info)

Maggi Masala Ae Magic can be bought from major e-commerce sites like Amazon, Bigbasket, etc. It can also be bought directly from local shops.

17. How was the Delivery Experience from Amazon?

I ordered Maggi Masala Ae Magic along with other products on Amazon. I received the pack in good condition and there was no damage. It was placed in one of the partitions along with a few other products in a carton box. The received Maggi Masala Ae Magic pack was manufactured in March 2021 and packed in April 2021. It has to be consumed before nine months from the date of manufacture. The price of Maggi Masala Ae Magic 72 g share pack is Rs. 58.

Tip for online grocery consumers: Make sure to check the below noted points as soon as you get the parcel,

  1. Expiry date/manufacturing date
  2. Storage conditions
  3. whether the pack is puffed or leaked

Before purchasing any grocery product, check our website for a quality review. If you need a review on a grocery product, feel free to inform us here.

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