Everything about Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala” | Review
Everything about Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala” | Review

Everything about Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala” | Review

Hello everybody!!! nom nom nom!!! Magical yummy chips are reaching my tum tum. Aww!! Noooo, I am running out of chips. Do you love Lays?? Obviously, who would not? Come on! Travel over with mr_crunchy. Let us find what is behind its magical taste, shape and its crispiness.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Brand Name
Texas, USA
Area Served
100+ countries
Parent Company
Frito-Lay, Inc..
Texas, USA
Area Served
Parent Group
PepsiCo, Inc.
New York, USA
Area Served
200+ Countries

Basic Overview

More smiles per mile
Ready-to-eat savouries
Sub category
Snacks – Potato Chips
Magic masala
Shelf Life
4 months
Net Quantity
28 g
Rs. 10
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit
Manufacturing Unit 1
Manufacturing Unit 2
Manufacturing Unit 3

Important Images on the Pack

The brand logo illustrated is an old logo of Lay’s. The new Lay’s logo is on the implementation process. Yet, wanna have a look now? Click here. The word Lay’s is printed in white colour on a red ribbon background. Also, can you see the red colour ribbon encircles a yellow coloured circle and that looks like a peeled potato.

Source to treat representation of the chips are given, few are seasoned with the ingredients and the other is a normal sliced potato. Here, garlic, sliced red chilli, coriander leaves and pepper are shown with sliced potato, as they are the added ingredients. Is any other ingredient left out?

Above the brand logo, a woman’s half smiling face is shown. This smile demonstrates a happy smile or something else??

More Chips, More Love!!! What does that mean??  Is it like many chips are inside the pack? Oh!! Then we can rejoice eating it.
Come let’s find out.

Unboxing Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”

Details on the Pack

Primary Packaging

Taste Experience of Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”

Yes!! A strong mixed spices aroma gushes out on opening the pack, Hmmmm… Smells good!!! I could also get a whiff of chilli, garlic and salt.

Now let’s see how it looks. The chips are in a hyperbolic paraboloid shape. The colour of the chips is kind of orangish on both sides and that colour is imparted by the masala added over the potato chips. Grooves are present in both sides of the chips. The masala is also sprinkled on the potato chips.

Alright! I am gonna have a chip. Yay!! Before that I’ll tell you how it feels while touching it. The chips are curvy. It is also slightly rough. The sprinkled masala sticks to our hands. Now, let me break it into two, Yup! It’s crispy.

Hey! Yummieee!!! The chips are crispy and the taste of the seasonings is so spicy and yummy. At first, I could taste the salty chilli taste. And then on the next bite it tastes tangy, ah!! That is because of the tomato powder.

Ohh!! The tangy taste and the taste of spices leaves a very good taste in the mouth. The smell of potato also stays for a certain time.

Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”’s Ingredients

Lays Magic Masala ingredients our creation 1

Source : Raw potato
How : Potato is the base ingredient used in manufacturing Lays chips. The raw potatoes (FC5-variety) are used to make the chips. The potatoes are washed and dried before slicing as we do in our kitchen.
Why : Since it is a potato chip, potato is used as the base ingredient.

Edible vegetable oil is mainly used to fry the chips which adds crispness to the chips, but here two kinds of oil are used specially, to get the best texture. The types of oil used are palmolein oil and rice bran oil.

  • Palmolein Oil

Source : Palm fruit
How : Edible Vegetable Oil (palmolein) is obtained by extracting oil from reddish pulp of a palm fruit.  The palm oil contains nearly fifty percent saturated and fifty percent unsaturated fat content. The unsaturated fat is separated using fractional distillation methods to produce palmolein oil.
Why : Palmolein oil has higher stability and can be used a number of times before it gets to an unusable state.

  • Rice Bran Oil

Source : Rice grain
How : Oil is extracted from the outer layer (brown layer) of rice grain to produce rice bran oil. Bran is the outer layer of rice grain.
Why : Rice bran oil works more efficiently than palmolein oil in giving stability, texture and crispness. The only difference is palmolein oil is cheaper than rice bran oil, on combining these two oils we get best crispy chips, thus reducing the production cost.

All the ingredients mentioned below are dried and ground to powder form. These ingredients add flavour & taste to the chips.
- Onion powder

- Chilli powder

- Dried mango powder

- Coriander seed powder

- Ginger powder

- Garlic powder

- Black pepper powder

- Spices extract

- Turmeric powder

Source : Sea water
How : Salt is produced by evaporating sea water. Then potassium iodate or potassium iodide is sprayed over or added to the salt in the industries to produce iodised salt.
Why : Sea salt is used to give the pleasure of eating chips in a recipe. Here iodine content is added to the salt for healthy intake based on nutrition. That’s the reason iodine salt is used. I am sure you will change your kitchen salt to iodised salt.

Source : Nature and synthetic
How : The salt crystals found in the halite mines of the Himalayan region are burnt in high temperatures with few Indian herbs to give it therapeutic properties. The black salt is produced synthetically by mixing multiple salts of sodium and at the final stage, they are mixed with charcoal and heated to obtain the black salt.
Why : Have you heard of the “Umami” flavour, this black salt gives umami flavour which originates from the mines of Himalayas. Some converted vegans love black salt as it gives an egg flavour too.

Source : Sugarcane
How : The sugarcane is crushed and the juice is extracted. Then it is purified and crystallized to produce sugar.
Why : Sugar is mainly used for imparting sweetness. The sugar enhances the taste when combined with the magical masala. Anybody tasted sweetness in lays, please leave a comment.

Source : Raw tomato
How : Tomato powder is produced by crushing, drying and grounding to powder.
Why : The tangy flavour we get from Lay’s is because of this tomato powder.

Code Name : INS 330
Source : Molasses
How : Citric acid  is produced by fermentation of molasses by fungi (Aspergillus Niger).
Why : The mild sour taste in the chips is from citric acid  combined with magical masala enhances the overall taste of the Lay’s.

  • Natural Flavouring Substances

Flavour :  Spices and Condiments
Source :  Nature
How : Natural flavouring substances are produced by various methods; we can’t define the process because there is no mention of the particular flavour added.
Why : Natural flavouring substances gives flavour to the Lay’s.

  • Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Not mentioned
Source : Made in Laboratory
How : Nature identical flavouring substances resemble the flavour available in nature but completely made in laboratory or industry.
Why : Nature identical flavouring substances gives flavour to the Lay’s, thus improves the overall taste of the Lay’s.

Nutritional Information - Per Pack/Per Serve

Lays Magic Masala nutritional information

Per pack = 28 g

155.4 kcal
14.34 g
57.36 kcal
2.02 g
8.08 kcal
10 g
90 kcal

Per serve = 28 g

155.4 kcal
14.34 g
57.36 kcal
2.02 g
8.08 kcal
10 g
90 kcal

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium
Cholesterol Free*
Not mentioned
Trans fat Free*
Caffeine Free

Why is it a trans fat free product?
As per FSSAI (Advertising and Claims, 2018) regulations [1], a product can be claimed as trans fat free, if the product contains less than 0.2 g of trans fat per 100 g of product.
*Why cholesterol is given as not mentioned?
The cholesterol value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”. The value of cholesterol is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[2]

Dietary Check

Gluten free
Lactose free
Tree Nut free
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

Things to know before buying

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates that Lay’s Magic Masala is a vegetarian product. Mentioned on the front side.

Multiple sources used in the production of these potato chips are listed. Mentioned on the back side.

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in the pack of chips are listed. Mentioned on the back side.

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

Must See   
There is no must see information.

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which this particular Lay’s Magic Masala is manufactured. Mentioned on the back side.

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of the treat, consume it before the given date. Mentioned on the back side.

Ingredients to Know Before Buying

We all consume chips on the whole, Don’t we? So if you are concerned about cholesterol level, here is something you should know. Trans Fats are substances that increase the Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol level and decrease the High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol. They do not help or benefit our body. According to WHO, the RDA of trans fat is 1% of total energy intake which is about 2.2 g only (2000 kcal diet). Although, the trans fat level is lesser in the chips which is about 0.1 g per 100 g. But little information here to help, if you are concerned about trans fat level.[2]

According to FSSAI, the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of sodium is 2100 mg. Lay’s is a type of namkeen, it constitutes about 228 mg of sodium in a 28 g pack. So if you are concerned about sodium. It is better to monitor or make note of the sodium intake.

Warnings on Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala” Pack

No warnings.

Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”’s Packaging

The pack is properly sealed in the top, bottom and back sides of the pack. There is no mention about the packaging material used for this packaging.

The symbol is a requisition to throw the empty packs into the dustbin.

Claims on Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”

More chips ≈ More love!
So we get more chips than the regular weight? Yay!! Yes!
How much more chips?
The claim seems to be true about the additional chips. The pack contains about 3 g of extra chips, more than the normal pack as mentioned on the back side of the pack.

Joyful magic masala? What’s the magic?
Yes, the masala used here has its own taste, the taste is so unique. Wanna know the spices added for the magic masala?

Partnered with Farmers? Well, we all buy it from farmers. What’s new here?
PepsiCo company established a model of partnership with farmers with over 24,000 happy farmers across nine states. More than 45 % of the farmers are having land one acre or less. PepsiCo provides support to the farmers through assured buy back at pre agreed prices, quality seeds and many more. Such a good thing![3]

Other Breakdowns in Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”

Remember talking about this smiling woman in the illustration? So, what is the reason behind the smile?
This was designed for a campaign arranged by the brand. They have been working with 750+ influencers.[4]

Why is the chips packed with air?
We think the reason for the air filling is just to make up in the pack, but its purpose is different.
Reason 1: The air filled in the pack is nitrogen. It does not react with the oil in the potato chips. Thus, preventing the chips from getting rancid (spoiling).
Reason 2: The second reason is to prevent the potato chips from breaking during the transportation of the Lay’s. The air which is packed, gives protection for the chips from breaking into smaller pieces.

Irregular chips. What is the reason for irregular shape of chips?
We know that potatoes are random in shape and by chopping or slicing, it is a fact that we can’t get uniformly shaped pieces. And, is it efficient to take only one or two uniform shapes of potato pieces from different potatoes? No, it isn’t an efficient way. Hence the irregular shaped or sized pieces of fried chips in a pack.

Do you wonder why two types of oil used for frying? Do we do this in our kitchen?
Well, some does. The major role play of two kinds of oil is reducing the production cost as well as to produce a good quality chips. Here, rice bran oil has higher stability than palmolein i.e. rice bran oil can do the high quality output of chips. In order to reduce some production cost, palmolein is used which also has a higher stability but little cheaper than rice bran oil. Hope you know well, in means of from a nearby hotel or from any snack producing places.

Do you see those grooves in the chip? Is it just a design?
Oh!! And did you notice this curve shape, why such a shape?
We know that the chips are sliced using blades. The blades used for slicing the chips does this job of creating a groove appearance. The strength of this chips depends on the curvy shape, also giving the consumer a ‘good satisfactory feel’ when biting the chips.

Where & How to Store Lay’s “Joyful Magic Masala”?

No storage information.

Expectation Vs Reality


Some Interesting Facts Before You Leave

Fact 1
Do you know who are the brand ambassadors for Lay’s? Actor Ranbir Kapoor & Actress Alia Bhatt.
Lay’s presents 60+ new bags starring 31 ‘Everyday Smilers’ for Operation Smile. Operation smile is to share stories that inspire others.
Fact 3
In 1965, Frito-Lay, Inc. merged with Pepsi-Cola company to form PepsiCo, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nitrogen gas keeps the potato chips fresh for a long time.

Sugar is added to enhance the overall taste.

Yes. It contains Natural and Nature identical flavours.

According to the ingredients list, chilli, onion, dried mango, coriander seed, black pepper, garlic, turmeric, spices extract and ginger powder makes the Magic Masala.

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.


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