Is this in your Kitchen? 89 years of South Indian YG Asafoetida – Review 2021
Is this in your Kitchen? 89 years of South Indian YG Asafoetida – Review 2021

Everything you need to know about YG Asafoetida | 2021

We find many brands of Asafoetida in the market and in local stores. But how do we know which Asafoetida is perfect for our family? Well, that’s a pretty interesting question and we can do it step by step. As step one, we shall know a little more about this 89 years of Asafoetida from South India and at the end you may end up knowing whether to add this to your kitchen.

YG has successfully completed 89 years and is one of the prominent players in Southern India. It was founded in 1932 by Shri P. Subramanian in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Now it has spread its wings globally. The Asafoetida resins offered by the brand are widely used in varied food items to enhance the taste and aroma. We also use it for stomach problems.

YG Asafoetida image
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 120
Net Quantity: 100 gram
Flavour: –
Review Updated On: 4 OCTOBER 2021
YG Asafoetida image
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 120
Net Quantity: 100 gram
Flavour: –
Last Updated: 4 OCTOBER 2021

1. How do we open this Asafoetida container?

It’s a HDPE container that holds about 100 gram of YG Compounded Asafoetida powder. The container is hard to make a hole, using a knife would be a bad idea. A rod can be used to open this container or can spike the top for 3-4 tiny holes for convenient use. The rotating lid on the top helps us to close as per convenience.

2. YG Compounded Asafoetida Unboxing:

So what’s the difference between Asafoetida and Compounded Asafoetida? Read till the end to know about both.

3. Product Information: (Label Info)

This is a vegetarian product
white space
Brand Name:
Parent Name:
Mayil Agro Foods
Rs. 120
white space
Net Quantity:
Best Before:
100 g
12 months from manufacture

4. Ingredients in YG Compounded Asafoetida: (Label info)

Edible Gum, Wheat Flour (30% Approx.), Asafoetida.

5. Any Special Claims: (Label info)

No, there is no claim from the brand.

6. YG Compounded Asafoetida’s Ingredients in Depth:

Base Ingredients in YG Compounded Asafoetida

Edible Gum
Wheat Flour

Additives in YG Compounded Asafoetida

No additives

7. Do YG Compounded Asafoetida Fit in Your Diet?

Low Sugar (N/A)
Low Fat
Sugar Free
Low Sodium
Caffeine Free
Treenut Free
Lactose Free
Peanut Free
Gluten Free
Soya Free
Transfat Free

N/A: There is no added sugar in the product, hence low sugar is not applicable.

8. Nutritional Information: (Typical Values) (Label info)

Nutrition Facts
Per 100 g
73.28 g
10.14 g
1.60 g
0.83 g
0.05 g
0.02 g
Vitamin C
2.35 g
Vitamin A
Fatty Acids
348 kcal

9. Serving Size:

There is no recommendation for serving size on the pack. But we use a pinch when it comes to cooking or enhancing the taste.

10. Allergen Concerns:

The ingredient wheat contains gluten which is also mentioned on the pack and is a good thing. People who have allergic reactions towards gluten might be aware.

11. Nutrition - Intake Level:

Amount present in Per Serve (Pinch = 1 gram)(approx).
Covers about (what)% of RDA
0.5 mg
Saturated Fat
Not Mentioned

As we can see that the value of sodium is 0.05 gram in a 100 gram pack, which means the sodium is very low. Considering we use a pinch of YG compounded asafoetida, there is no need to consider the sodium level as it will be very low.

12. Storage Conditions: (Label info)

Keep in cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.

13. For Awareness: (Label info)

YG – Since 1932.
ISO 22000 2018 Certified Company.

Recycle Number:
Disposal Info:
Not mentioned.
Keep your city clean.
Customer Care:
+91 72006 22221

14. Pros:

  1. ‘Contains Gluten’ is mentioned on the pack, which is useful for people who avoid gluten.
  2. No Artificial Colour added.
  3. No Preservative added.
  4. A pinch of asafoetida is enough to add taste and flavour to food.
  5. Available in local shops.
  6. Available in online grocers.

15. Cons:

  1. Per serve is not recommended.
  2. Asafoetida percentage is not mentioned on the package.
  3. Not suitable for gluten sensitive people.

16. Frequently Asked Questions: (CrunchyTalk info)

Compounded Asafoetida – the name clarifies itself, the product is made of compound products i.e. multiple products such as flour and edible gum.

The Raw Asafoetida as the name clarifies, contains only the Asafoetida and nothing else added to it.

Raw Asafoetida usually has a strong aroma (pungent smell), where only a miniscule amount is needed in the cooking which can be difficult to measure. If added a pinch extra may lead to uncomfortness (burning sensation, diarrhea, headache). So edible gum and wheat flour is added, so the strong aroma can be diluted and can be easier to cope with the cooking process.

Mayil Agro Foods is the manufacturer of YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder.

The brand Y.G was started in 1932.

Wheat flour is added approximately 30 % in YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder.

As per the information provided on the pack, there is no preservative added in YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder.

No, YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder is not gluten free as it contains wheat flour.

YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder is available in net quantities such as 20 g, 50 g, 100 g and 200 g in HDPE containers.

The price of a YG Compounded Asafoetida Powder 100 g container pack is Rs. 120.

By puncturing hole in the pack.

16. Overall Experience: (CrunchyTalk info)

Taste Rating

The flavour of asafoetida is unique because we add to our Indian curry ingredients list to enhance a curry’s flavour. It isn’t a product to be tasted raw and is one of our kitchen spices. But we let you know some experiences we had with this YG asafoetida.

Opening of the asafoetida plastic container was a tedious and difficult process as I started with the wrong tool. Use a sharp rod which will poke a hole easily. On opening the pack, the Asafoetida aroma gushed out and the aroma was mild. The container lid can be rotated to close and open the hole.

The compounded asafoetida is in powder form and is coarse. We can see some black and brown particles. Tasting it raw didn’t have any taste on its own, but I could feel the asafoetida and its flavour filling my mouth. My tummy also feels the fulfilling feel and flavour of this asafoetida. Now let us try and drink it with hot water and shall know what it tastes like. People say asafoetida with hot water is a cure for stomach aches.

On consuming with Hot water:

When mixing the asafoetida with hot water, it does not dissolve easily but it’s okay for consumption. Mixing is required to avoid lumps and dispersal of the powder. The hot water becomes thick after the Asafoetida powder is dissolved. There are visible particles which are black, red and brown in colour on top of the hot water.

On tasting the asafoetida mixed hot water, the taste is bland with a mild aroma of asafoetida. After consuming the glass of hot water with Asafoetida, I can feel that it fills my tummy and also the aroma of asafoetida stays for a certain period of time (even after 5 minutes after drinking it). Share your experience with Compounded Asafoetida, did it help you with your digestive problems? Let us know in the comment section.

18. How to buy YG Compounded Asafoetida?

YG Compounded Asafoetida can be bought from a local shop and supermarkets. You can find the brand website here.

19. Comparison of YG Asafoetida price with other brands:

Price Comparison
YG Compounded Asafoetida
Everest Yellow Hing Powder, 100g
PC Compounded Asafoetida – 100 gm
RS. 120
Rs. 130
Rs. 140
Local shops
LG LALJEE GODHOO & CO. Compounded Asafoetida Powder-100 Gms
Vedaka Compounded Hing, 100g
GPC Compounded Asafoetida (Hing) Powder (100 g)
Rs. 154
Rs. 160
Rs. 299

We found much information about this South Indian YG asafoetida and now we know whether we can add it to our kitchen. Happy to be shared!

Tip for online grocery consumers: Make sure to check the below noted points as soon as you get the parcel,

  1. Expiry date/manufacturing date
  2. Storage conditions
  3. whether the pack is puffed or leaked

Before purchasing any grocery product, check our website for a quality review. If you need a review on a grocery product, feel free to inform us here.

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