Frooti Mango Drink | Review 2021
Frooti Mango Drink | Review 2021
Frooti Mango Drink
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 38
Net Quantity: 600 ML
Flavour: MANGO
Last Updated: 15 JUNE 2021
Frooti Mango Drink
Type: Vegetarian
MRP: RS. 38
Net Quantity: 600 ML
Flavour: MANGO
Last Updated: 15 JUNE 2021

Everything you need to know about Frooti Mango Drink | 2021

This review helps Frooti Mango Drink consumers to know about the price, percentage of mango added, ingredients, nutrition, pros and cons of Frooti Mango Drink, etc.

Label Information

This is a vegetarian product
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Brand Name:
Parent Name:
Parle Agro
Rs. 38
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Net Quantity:
Best Before:
600 ml
6 months from manufacture

Ingredients in Frooti Mango Drink:
Water, Mango Pulp (19.5%), Sugar, Acidity Regulators [INS330, INS331(iii)], Preservatives (INS211, INS224, INS202) and Antioxidant (INS300).
Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS110) and Added Flavour [Nature -Identical Flavouring Substances (Mango)].
(INS – International Numbering System).

Nutritional Information: (Typical Values)

Per 100 ml
65 kcal
0 g
16.2 g
Natural Fruit Sugars
2.5 g
Added Sugar
13.3 g
0 g
Vitamin A
120 mcg
8 mg
Serving Size:
Allergen Concerns:
No recommendation/information

Special Claims:

Contains Fruit.

Storage Conditions:

  1. Tastes best when chilled.
  2. Store away from sunlight.
  3. Refrigerate after opening and consume within three days.


  1. Shake well before Consuming.
  2. Do not buy if the bottle is leaking or the seal is broken.
  3. Commercial Export of this Pack is Strictly Prohibited, and is Liable for Prosecution.
Recycle Number:
Disposal Info:
Bottle – 1 (PET)
Crush the bottle after use.
Cap – 2 (HDPE)
Keep your city clean.
Customer Care:
1800 266 4448

CrunchyTalk's Information about Frooti Mango Drink:

In India during 1985, to let people who didn’t have time to sit, drink and enjoy a delicious mango juice, Frooti was introduced with an easy grab and go carton. For the first time, people could leave stores and walk the streets with a mango drink in hand. Frooti is now available in bottles and in tetra packs, leaving consumers the choice to buy either or both as they wish. The price of a Frooti Mango Drink 600 ml bottle is Rs. 38.

Tip for online grocery consumers: Make sure to check the below noted points as soon as you get the parcel,

  1. Expiry date/manufacturing date
  2. Storage conditions
  3. whether the pack is puffed or leaked

Before purchasing any grocery product, check our website for a quality review. If you need a review on a grocery product, feel free to inform us here.

Frooti Mango Drink Unboxing:

The Frooti Mango Drink bottle holds about 600 ML of Mango taste drink.

frooti mango juice 600ml unboxing image

Frooti Mango Drink’s Ingredients in Depth:

Base Ingredients

Mango Pulp (19.5%)

Additives in Frooti Mango Drink

Acidity Regulators [INS330, INS331(iii)]
Preservatives (INS211, INS224, INS202)
Antioxidant (INS300)
Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS110)
Added Flavour [Nature-Identical Flavouring Substances (Mango)]

Does Frooti Mango Drink fit in your diet?

Low Sugar
Low Fat
Sugar Free
Low Sodium (Not Mentioned)
Caffeine Free
Treenut Free
Lactose Free
Peanut Free
Gluten Free
Soya Free
Transfat Free

Nutrition – Intake Level:

Amount present in Per Serve (considering 200 ml)
Covers about (what)% of RDA
26.6 g
covers about 88.7 % of RDA

(Since per serve is not recommended, whole pack (250 ml of Appy Fizz) is considered as per serve)


  1. It is a ready to serve fruit drink.
  2. A top pick among mango juice lovers.
  3. A quite popular brand amid mango drink brands.
  4. Easily available in local shops.
  5. Available in online grocers.


  1. Per serve is not recommended.
  2. Has high sugar content.
  3. Contains a lot of additives (7).
  4. Not many different net quantities are available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frooti mango drink contains about 19.5% mango pulp in it.

Consuming 200 ml of Frooti mango drink gives us about 130 calories of energy which are from Carbohydrates (Sugar).

Due to the addition of synthetic food colour (INS110), Frooti is in deep yellow colour.

INS – International Numbering system, is the code given to a particular ingredient so that it can be identified by people all over the world.

In terms of sugar content, Frooti drink contains 26.6 g of sugar in a 200 ml pack. Consuming more sugar may lead to an unhealthy life. Always make sure to follow the per serve value recommended by RDA on every food/drink you consume.

The price of a Frooti 600ml bottle is Rs. 38.

Frooti’s taste is similar to that of a mango fruit.

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Overall Experience:

Taste Rating

I opened the bottle and no sound came from it. A few bubbles appeared slightly. I shook well after opening. After I shook, some bubbles formed on the upper surface. The smell I sensed was something I could distinguish as a Frooti smell. It had a mango mixed smell. After pouring this beautiful drink, a yellowish-orange colour was visible. The smell was different, sweet and awesome. The taste was like mango, little sour but good and was like a small tangle of mango. It was nice to pour it in a glass and drink. Per serve value was not given, so I was drinking one more glass of Frooti. Overall it was good and was kind of mango tangy. Frooti had a unique mango pulpy smell and the taste was superb. Frooti was a good drink and nice to try. Let us know in the comments about your taste experience.

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