Everything about Doublemint Orange | Review
Everything about Doublemint Orange | Review

Everything about Doublemint Orange | Review

Hey!! Baby cups?? How’s it going?? My brother and I were ready to go out. My brother had a Doublemint. I asked why? He said it is for mouth refreshment. I asked, give me one. He said you are not allowed to eat it. Why? I started asking questions. It contains mint and it is orange flavoured. Confused! So how does it taste, like mint or orange? Too many questions… Let’s find it all Scroll!! Scroll!! Fast.

Why people love Doublemint?

Everyone likes to refresh their breath in situations like attending interview and meeting etc. For this, people go for mints. If we have chance to have refreshing mint in our pockets, How it would be? Doublemint Orange is used as mouth refreshment. The pack is very small and handy.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Brand Name
Chicago, USA
Area Served
140+ countries
Parent Company
Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Chicago, USA
Area Served
180+ countries
www.mars chocolate.com
Parent Group
MARS international Pvt. Ltd.
McLean, Virginia, USA
Area Served
180+ countries

Basic Overview

Start Something Fresh
Sub category
Hard candy – Sugar free lozenges
Shelf Life
9 months
Net Quantity
4.8 g
Rs. 10
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit
Manufacturing Unit 1

Important Images on the Pack

Hey! Look at the logo with two opposite sided arrows, some people call it as spear/arrow, it has been duplicated into opposite sides and inside the arrows the name of the brand ‘Doublemint’ is printed which also means double strength, long lasting and mints are produced by double distillation process too.

Oh!! There is also a mention about the flavour of this refreshing mints too. It is an orange flavoured mint.

Do you see a star symbol printed on the orange carpel (individually wrapped section of orange) that star symbol describes that this mint contains no fruit. If it does not contain fruit, then how is the orange flavour added? To know more, read the ingredients section.

This word new indicates that this Doublemint is newly improved. Let’s continue reading to crack more.

Unboxing Doublemint Orange

Details on the Pack

a. Primary Packaging


b. Secondary Packaging

Taste Experience of Doublemint Orange

Ok!! Now let’s see how it smells. I am not allowed to eat it. but I can smell it right. Mmm!!I could smell a strong fragrance of both orange and mint.

Oh!! Look, the mints look like teeny tiny tablets/capsules (shallow convex shape). The capsules/tablets are white in colour and I could also spot some of the cooling crystals over the sides of the capsules.

The capsules are rigid, hard, dry and non-sticky, Ouuch!! I tried breaking it but I couldn’t. It was hard to break it with my fingers.

Yay!! Ready to taste! Yeah, I cannot eat it. Sad. My brother says, it delivers orangey taste with the cooling effect. The mint and more orange taste are sensed.

It gives a cooling effect for a few minutes after eating. Such a good bro… Helped me to know the taste of Doublemint.

Special Design Fact

A small flip opener. I was trying to get mints through it. The opener has a special design which hepled me to take one mint at a time from the pack by shaking the pack and then opening it. Good design!

Doublemint Orange’s Ingredients

Doublemint Orange ingredients our creation 1

Code Name : INS 420
Source :
How : Polyol sorbitol is produced by hydrogenation of glucose in which hydrogen is passed into the liquid glucose at certain pressure and temperature in the presence of catalyst.
Why : Polyol sorbitol gives cooling effect. This acts as a bulking agent and also the base ingredient. It provides half the sweetness as compared to sucrose (table sugar).

Name : Magnesium Stearate or Magnesium salt of stearic acids
Code Name : INS 470 (iii)
Source : Industry
How : Magnesium stearate is produced when stearic acid (mostly from palm oil) reacts with magnesium oxide.
Why : Magnesium stearate acts as a lubricant in the production process, so that the ingredients do not stick to the equipment.

Name : Citric Acid
Code Name : INS 330
Source : Molasses
How : Citric Acid  is produced by fermentation of molasses by Aspergillus Niger.
Why : Citric acid helps in maintaining the pH of the mints. It also provides mild sour taste.


Source : Sucrose
Code Name : INS 955
How :  Sucrose is sourced from sugarcane. Sucralose is produced by chlorination (a process in which chlorine is introduced into the molecule of other component) of sucrose.
Why :
Sucralose provides sweetness to Doublemint. It is listed last in the ingredients section because it is added in very low amount. But, it provides sweetness which is 600 times greater than normal sugar. (600x sweeter per gram than the per gram sweetness provided by table sugar). So they are used in very low quantity in the Doublemint.

Food colours impart colours to these mints. Usually the colour associated to the flavour is added. It is an orange flavoured Doublemint. The colours used are as follows,

  • E 102

Name : Tartrazine
Colour : Yellow dye

  • E 133

Name : Brilliant Blue FCF
Colour : Blue

Type : Artificial
Source : Industry
How : Colours are produced by using multiple chemicals in industry.
Why : The artificial colours impart colours to the Doublemint. The colours mentioned above are mixed together to provide green colour to the Doublemint.

  • Natural Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Not mentioned
Source :
How : Natural flavouring substances are produced by various methods; we can’t define the process because there is no mention of what particular flavour is added.
Why : Natural flavouring substances impart flavour to the Doublemint.

  • Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Not mentioned
Source :
How : The chemical structure of  natural identical flavouring substances resembles to the chemical structure of the ‘Natural flavours’ such as a fruit but they are completely made in industry.
Why : Nature identical flavourings impart flavour to the Doublemint.

  • Artificial Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Orange
Source :
How : Artificial flavouring substances have chemical structure which do not  resemble to the chemical structure of any ‘Natural flavours’ that exist in the nature and is completely made in industry or laboratory.
Why : Artificial flavouring substances impart flavour to the Doublemint.

Nutritional Information - Per Pack/Per Serve

Doublemint Orange nutritional information

Per pack = 4.8 g (15 mints)

11.63 kcal
4.70 g
11.28 kcal
0 g
0 kcal
0.048 g
0.43 kcal

*Per serve = 0.64 g (2 mints)

1.55 kcal
0.63 g
1.51 kcal
0 g
0 kcal
0.006 g
0.054 kcal

*Note :
The per serve value is not mentioned on the pack, and is given on mr_crunchy perspective.


a. Weight Variants

b. Flavour Variants

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar*
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium*
Cholesterol Free*
Not mentioned
Trans fat Free
Caffeine Free

*Is Doublemint a low sugar or sugar free product?
In nutritional list of Doublemint, sugar value is given as 0 g. It is because Doublemint doesn’t contain any added sugar and natural sugar. Thus it is a sugar free product.
*Why is it a low sodium or sodium free product?
Doublemint doesn’t contain any ingredients that contain sodium. It means, there is no sodium content in it. So Doublemint is a sodium free product.
*Why cholesterol is given as not mentioned?
The cholesterol value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Doublemint Orange. The value of cholesterol is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[1]

Dietary Check

Gluten free
Lactose free
Tree Nut free
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

Things to know before buying

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates that Doublemint is a vegetarian product. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

The multiple sources used in the production of Doublemint are listed. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in these mints are listed. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

Must See
The info which needs the most concern. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which this Doublemint product is manufactured. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of these mints, consume it before the given date. Mentioned on the back side of secondary packaging.

Ingredients to Know Before Buying

This Doublemint orange flavoured contains two artificial colours in it. These colours can be sensitive to some people. So people who are sensitive to artificial food colours, make a note of it.

Artificial sweeteners can be sensitive to few people although most people are not sensitive to it. People who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners, should consider products which contains artificial sweeteners.

Polyols can have laxative effects if they are consumed in higher amount. This Doublemint contains 98 g polyols per 100 g. So make a note of polyols intake.

Warnings on Doublemint Orange Pack

Doublemint Orange Warning our creation 1
Can lead to unhealthy lifestyle
Laxative Effects

Doublemint Orange’s Packaging

This primary pack is slim and small. It can be kept in our pockets. The recycle number is 5 which is polypropylene. This is the material used for this packaging. Polypropylene is good heat resistant and it doesn’t allow stress cracking problems. This box can be recyclable.

The secondary pack colour is orange with green borders and is also transparent in front side. The colour represents the orange flavour. The recycle number is 5 denotes the polypropylene material used for this pack. This polypropylene is also the transparent material through which the primary pack is seen. This pack is recyclable.

Tear here indication! It is to open the pack easily with less effort. Do we open it as it is mentioned?

Claims on Doublemint Orange

Sugar free, No added sugar!
Yes, there is no added sugar.
A product can be claimed as no added sugar[2] when there is no sugar added to the product in the natural form such as glucose, fructose or any other natural form of sugar.
Artificial sweetener and sugar alcohol are added in this Doublemint which give the sweet taste to the Doublemint.

Other Breakdowns in Doublemint Orange

Did you see the logo? The double arrow!! What’s behind it?
The double arrow is referred to spear, which means spear shaped mint leaf, a motif (replica) of spear is used for the logo. It also denotes the double lasting and double strength and double distillation process (of mint), it went through for the final stage of the mints.

Do they really contain real Mint in it?
This is what we expect in a product named as Doublemint. I didn’t find mint in its ingredients list, but it tastes like mint. How? I guess, it is due to the added flavours to the Doublemint. But wait. There is no mention about what flavours added as natural and nature identical flavouring substances. The mint flavour might be added as natural or nature identical flavouring substances.

Orange Flavoured. What does that mean? Does it contain orange?
The Doublemint contains no orange fruit in it which is mentioned with a *(star) mark. The star mark refers to the no fruit added into the double mint. Wondering? How it gets orange flavour? It is due to added artificial orange flavour.

Why is it not orangy in colour, But is Green?
The Doublemint does not contain any added orange colour (orange) or added fruit (orange fruit powder) to give orange colour. The white colour is from sorbitol. The green colour is produced by mixing two colours (blue and yellow) to mimic the Mint.

What is Calorie Conscious?
People who are conscious not to take extra calories and have a planned diet not to exceed the daily intake, are very conscious about the calories they consume. So this Doublemint product is of less calories and thus it is made for calorie conscious people.
The calorie value is 2.4 kcal/g (as per European Union Law) compared to the sucrose 4.0 calories/g. Thus making the Doublemint with low calorie.

Polyols may have laxative effects
Polyols are sugar alcohols which has half calories of sugar. So it is commonly recommended for sugar free food products as a sweetener. Polyols are not completely digested in the small intestine. So indigested polyols are getting fermented by colon cells in the large intestine. It may cause gas problems. It may induce laxation when eaten in large quantities.
According to Food safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)[3], package of food containing more than 5% polyols should be labelled as “Polyols may have laxative effects”.

Not recommended for children since it contains artificial sweetener.
Still researches are made about the health concerns of artificial sweeteners in our diet. There are conflicting views about these ingredients. Some argue that these cause cancer and others argue they don’t. Let’s know, what sucralose does to children.

  • Eating sucralose may prevent children to meet their nutritional needs. i.e. Children might not consume the healthy foods.
  • The artificial sweetener can cause children to depend on sugar and keep them craved for sugar. When they become adults, it can lead to unhealthy food diet and can lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Where & How to Store Doublemint Orange?

Before Opening the Pack

Expectation Vs Reality


Some Interesting Facts Before You Leave

Fact 1
Doublemint is the world’s best-selling chewing gums brand available in more than 140 countries.
Identical twins acted for Doublemint ad in 1940’s. Doublemint becomes famous brand.
Fact 3
The first ever direct marketing! Wanna know? The founder, Wrigley sent the free Doublemint chewing gum samples to every households address, listed in US phone books.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cooling crystals from the Doublemint makes the cooling effect.

Totally 5 sets of identical twins were played in Doublemint advertisement, it made the Doublemint to be famous worldwide.

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.

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