Crunchy Talk Contribution

Welcome to Crunchy Talk contribution. Are you trying to contribute to oursociety? Crunchy Talk is a food review or a food information site which purely concentrates on packed foods which are sold in our Indian market.

Don’t worry, even if you are a beginner in writing.

For now, we are contributing about packed food news as well as making processed food much healthier by a new recipe. Do you love to write and find passionate toward food, also to create a professional food blog writer profile? Glad you came.

Benefits for the Author:

   ♦ A profile page will be created for the author. The bio information added in the profile page will be author name, author picture, designation, short summary and links to their social media pages. Added to this, the articles created by a specific author will be displayed in that profile page.
   ♦ The telegram community we manage have thousands of engaged members. The published articles will be shared to that community for faster and better reach.
   ♦ The expert badge is an updated profile for an author. If the author is an expert, has years of experience on a subject and the time travelled along with us are healthy, this ‘expert handle’ will be updated.
   ♦ The YouTube guest invitation to be a guest speaker is possible in our Crunchy Talk YouTube channel. This is picked as per Crunchy Talk’s wish. Make sure you come as one of our guest speaker!

How to become a part of our contributor community:

If you are an expert writer, kindly send your portfolio to contribution@crunchytalk.com.

If you are a beginner and looking for a space to show your writing skills, make your profile honestly and send to contribution@crunchytalk.com.