Everything about B Fizz | Review
Everything about B Fizz | Review

Everything about B Fizz | Review

Hello everybody..! I am here today with a new product from Parle Agro. Parle Agro is one of the largest beverage industries in India. It has many popular brands like Appy, Frooti, Bailey etc. But unlike the other brand beverages in Parle Agro, B Fizz is new and unique. Let’s check out the uniqueness of B Fizz.

Why people love B Fizz?

It’s the desire to taste a new product from a reputed company that makes people go for B Fizz besides the affordable price and attractive packaging design.

Table of Contents

Basic Overview

Be the Fizz! For the bold!
Sub category
Carbonated water based flavoured drinks
Shelf Life
4 months
Net Quantity
160 ml
Rs. 10
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit
Manufacturing Unit 1

Wanna know about The Brand?

Wanna know about The Brand?

Brand Name
B Fizz logo
Maharashtra, India
Area Served
Parent Company
B Fizz parent
Parle Agro
Maharashtra, India
Area Served
Over 50 countries

Unboxing B Fizz


Details on The Pack

a. Secondary Packaging


b. Primary Packaging


Important images on the B Fizz

Let’s see about the illustration on the B Fizz drink:

The B Fizz logo is illustrated on the label.‘For the Bold’ here means the strong flavour of malt and hops. B Fizz is a new brand that contains fermented malt flavour.

Taste experience of B Fizz

B Fizz juice

I tried to open the cap with the seal unremoved, but it’s not possible. Then I removed the seal and opened the cap.

I expected the beverage would spill while I opened it, but it didn’t happen. A foamy nature is formed on the top. I sense a strong aroma which I am not in love with. I can’t define the aroma as I didnt like it. But people do love this aroma, the fermented malt aroma..

I poured the drink into a glass to see the visualization. The drink is mild caramel or greenish caramel colour. The bubbles forming in the beverage are continuous.

I touched the drink with my fingers. The drink is very runny. The wet feel is still in my fingers even after drying.

I started drinking the B fizz. It is with a good sparkling effect and acidity feel. I can feel the sweetness. And also the sour taste, which is stronger than the sweet taste. As figured by me, I didn't like the taste very well. It also has a slight apple taste. I asked for a review with some of the people whom I know. Some were shocked and yelling at me like “Are you drinking alcohol?”. I was astonished by the question, then I figured that alcohol does have malt flavour too. Also with a question “Does B Fizz have alcohol and am I eligible to drink it?”

It is good. But I don’t feel like drinking another glass of B-Fizz personally. Have you tried B-Fizz? Share your experience with us and also comment whether it tastes like Beer.

How to cook Product Name perfectly vs what I did?

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B Fizz's ingredients

The ingredients used in B Fizz are water, sugar, apple juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, acidity regulators, nature identical flavouring substances, preservatives, colours and antioxidants.

B Fizz ingredients

Source : Nature
How : Water might have undergone several processes to ensure that it is pure and away from microbes and other particles.
Why : Water is the base to make carbonated drink and industries mostly use soft water.

Source : Sugarcane
How : From sugarcane, the juice is extracted, heated, filtered and purified. The extracted juice is then crystallized to produce sugar.
Why : Sugar acts as a sweetener in this beverage.

Amount Added : 1.6 %
Source : Apple
How : Apples are crushed and squeezed to obtain the apple juice. The water content from the apple juice is removed by evaporation which results in concentrated form of the apple juice i.e. apple juice concentrate.
Why : Apple juice concentrate gives apple flavour and taste to B Fizz.

Code : INS 290
Source : Multiple Source
How : Carbon dioxide is obtained by storing the by-product ‘carbon dioxide’ which is obtained  from other chemical processes or by directly burning natural gas. Carbon dioxide is added to the treat under certain pressure and temperature.
Why : Carbon dioxide gives B Fizz, its crisp and sparkling effect or it can be called as fizzy effect.

  • INS 296

Name : Malic Acid
Source : Multiple Source
How : Malic acid can be produced by microbial fermentation of glucose. In chemical synthesis, malic acid is produced from hydration of maleic anhydride, where the maleic anhydride is produced from oxidation of benzene or butane.
Why : Malic acid does the acidity regulator job primarily i.e. maintaining the pH of B Fizz but it also adds ‘tart’ taste. Malic acid also stabilizes the colour i.e. no discoloration as well as a flavour enhancer. 

  • INS 330

Name : Citric Acid
Source : 
How : 
Citric acid is produced by the  fermentation of molasses using microbes (mostly Aspergillus Niger microbes).
Why : 
Citric acid is used as acidity regulator i.e. it maintains the pH of the B Fizz.

  • INS 331 (iii)

Name : Trisodium Citrate
Source : 
How : 
Trisodium citrate is synthesized in the industry by various methods, mostly sodium sulfate solution is treated with calcium citrate and then further steps like filtration, concentration and crystallization are carried out.
Why : 
Trisodium citrate helps gives tart flavour to the beverage.

  • Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Fermented Malt, Hop
Source : 
How : Nature identical flavouring substances are chemical structure resembling  the chemical structure of the natural flavour. But it is completely made in an  industry or in a laboratory.
Why : Fermented malt flavour impart its flavour to the B Fizz that gives beer like taste beverage. The Hops gives the authentic beer flavour to the B Fizz.

  • INS 211

Name : Sodium Benzoate
Source : 
Multiple Source
How : One of the ways of production of sodium benzoate is benzoic acid is dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution and by evaporating the water results in crystals of sodium benzoate.
Why : Sodium benzoate prevents the spoilage done by bacteria and yeast.

  • INS 202

Name : Potassium Sorbate
Source : 
How : Potassium sorbate is made by neutralizing the sorbic acid with the potassium hydroxide.
Why : Potassium sorbate helps in preserving the drink against yeast and molds.

  • INS 150d 

Name : Ammonia Sulphite Caramel
Source : 
Carbohydrates like lactose, sucrose, fructose, etc.
How : Ammonia sulphite caramel is produced by dry heating carbohydrates with or without acids in the presence of sulphite and ammonium compounds (which are food grade).
Why : Ammonia sulphite caramel gives light brown colour to the B Fizz.

  • INS 102

Name : Tartrazine
Source : 
How :  Tartrazine is mostly manufactured from the coal tar, by different methods.
Why : Tartrazine gives yellow colour to the beverage.

  • INS 300

Name : Ascorbic Acid
Source : 
Corn Starch
How : Corn starch undergoes heat treatment and series of steps which involves enzymes and chemical processing steps to produce ascorbic acid.
Why : Ascorbic acid helps in B Fizz reacting with atmospheric oxygen. If reacted, unwanted chemical compounds are formed.. It affects the quality of the drink.

Ingredients of B FizzB Fizz ingredient

Nutritional information - per pack/per serve

B Fizz nutritional infoB Fizz nutritional information

Per Bottle = 160 ml

64 kcal
16 g
64 kcal
0 g
0 kcal
0 g
0 kcal

* Per serve = 160 ml

64 kcal
16 g
64 kcal
0 g
0 kcal
0 g
0 kcal

Per 100 mlmmmmmm

9 g
36 kcal

Per Bottle = 160 mlmm

14.4 g
57.6 kcal

*Per serve = 160 mlmmm

4.46 g
17.86 kcal

The per serve value is not given on the pack and is completely based on mr_crunchy perspective.

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium
Cholesterol Free
Trans fat Free
Caffeine Free

Dietary Check

May be
Gluten free*
May be
Lactose free*
May be
Tree Nut free
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

* Note:
Why is it ‘maybe’ a Vegan product?
The colour 150d production is from carbohydrates which may be from dairy products (lactose) too, hence B Fizz cannot be concluded as vegan until the pack reveals the ingredient used for the colour production.
Why is it ‘maybe’ a Gluten free product?
The colour 150d production is from carbohydrates which may be from starch hydrolysates (wheat starch or barley) to, hence B- Fizz cannot be concluded as gluten free until the pack reveals the ingredient used for the colour production.
Why is it ‘maybe’ a Lactose free product?
The colour 150d production is from carbohydrates which may be from dairy products (lactose) too, hence B- Fizz cannot be concluded as Lactose free until the pack reveals the ingredient used for the colour production.

Things to know before buying

B Fizz vegetarian symbol

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates that B Fizz beverage is a vegetarian product. It is mentioned on the secondary packaging.

Ingredient of B Fizz

The multiple sources used in the production of B Fizz beverage is listed. It is mentioned on the secondary packaging.

B Fizz nutrition

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in the B Fizz are listed. It is mentioned on the secondary packaging.

B Fizz per serve

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

B Fizz must see

Must See
The info which needs the most concern. It is mentioned on the secondary packaging.

B Fizz manufactured date

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which B Fizz was manufactured. It is mentioned on the primary packaging.

B Fizz best before

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of this treat, consume it before the given date. It is mentioned on the secondary packaging.

Ingredients to know before buying

160 ml of B Fizz contains approximately 14g sugar. The ones who are concerned about sugar intake, make a note of it.

The INS 211 - Sodium Benzoate preservative has the ability to form benzene which is a known carcinogen[1]. It can cause hyperactivity in children; it also increases the appetite. Some people can also get affected by itching and swelling when they consume products with sodium benzoate. But the levels of benzene formed will be low and is deemed to be safe. As per FSSAI standards the maximum amount of sodium benzoate/benzoic acid added to a ready to serve beverage is about 120 mg per litre[2]. As per WHO ADI guideline, the tolerable level for sodium benzoate is about 0–5 mg per kg of body weight (300 mg is the tolerable level for a person who weighs about 60 kg, when considering maximum level of sodium benzoate/benzoic acid is used in B Fizz)[3]. If you are a person who over consumes B Fizz, make a note of it.

Warnings on B Fizz

No warnings.

B Fizz’s packaging

The recycle number mentioned on the bottle is ‘1’which denotes that the packaging is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). PET bottles are sturdy & lighter. As the bottles are lightweight, they are easy to carry. The PET polymer is transparent in nature and it can be moulded into any shape.

The recycle number mentioned on the cap is ‘2’ which denotes the packaging used here is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The HDPE polymer is thick and strong. It can be moulded into any shape and design. The cap is used to tightly close the mouth of the PET bottle and ensure no leakage. The cap is sealed with the ring, which is present in the neck of the PET bottle, indicating that the pack is fresh and not opened.

There is no recycle number mentioned. The recycle number helps to denote the material used for the packaging label but it is not mentioned in the secondary packaging/label. The label is strong and also gives us info. That, it not only acts for ‘printing info’ but also for protection as well. The packaging helps in improving the B fizz shelf life by preventing the sun light from entering which may change the sensory attributes such as taste colour and flavour of the B fizz.

A man is illustrated throwing the pack into the dustbin; it means an empty pack should be thrown into the dustbin after consuming the treat.

Symbols and its Description

Claims on B Fizz

No Caffeine, Non Alcoholic.
By looking at the Ingredient Section, there are no ingredients that contain caffeine and alcohol. So, B Fizz is a No caffeine and Non alcoholic beverage.
So How does it taste like Beer?
The production of  beer happens by fermenting the malt. This fermented malt flavour can be obtained artificially, also B Fizz contains fermented malt flavour as we have seen from the ingredients list. This gives the beer like flavour to the B Fizz….

Other Breakdowns in B Fizz

What does this ‘Fizz’ mean?
Fizz means the bubbles, effervescence effect along with the hissing sound. This effect can be observed mostly in all the carbonated beverages. The term Fizz is a common word and can be used by any company, but Parle have registered trademarks[4] for their product’s name (label) B Fizz and Appy Fizz. This is a unique and outstanding name for their products as the name expresses the nature of the product.

Do you know why Nature identical flavouring substances are mentioned two times in the ingredient list?
Ohh yess!! If you haven’t seen it, check in the Ingredient section.  The reason is because the ingredients are listed in its quantity added (listed higher quantity to lower quantity). Usually flavours are added at a lower quantity that it is usually listed in last place. Here as we can see the flavour is added in between which indicates the flavour is added more than the latter ingredients that are added. The last, where the flavours are mentioned again  is because it is mandatory according to the rules[5] to mention the added additives such as flavours and colour separately under the ingredients section.

Fruit juice based drink? Well, what fruit juice is added ? And how much?
B Fizz as it states, is a fruit based drink which contains apple juice in it. The amount of apple juice added in it is about 1.6 %, which is 2.56 ml of apple juice in 160 ml of B Fizz. The following line malt flavour is given to indicate the flavour used which gives a unique and refreshing taste to the B Fizz drink.

Where and how to store the B Fizz

Before Opening the Pack

B Fizz storage info before opening

After Opening the Pack

Expectation vs Reality

B Fizz drink

Some interesting facts before you leave

Fact 1
In 2020,‘B Fizz’ was launched in India.
Parle Agro is the only beverage company in India which produces its own PET performs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple juice concentration is common in both but the percentage of concentration varies.

14.4 g of added sugar and 1.6 g of natural fruit sugar.

Yes. Few people call it as “Appy Fizz Red”. But it is not Appy Fizz

Alternative Products

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.


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