Everything about Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry | Review
Everything about Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry | Review

Everything about Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry | Review

Have you ever seen a crocodile eating candies? Well, we can find that in the Alpenliebe advertisement which was made 8 years ago and yet there is an another great monkey advertisement  by Alpenliebe. Alpenliebe attracts  the 90’s kids by its caramel candy and  by their crocodile ad. We were one among the 90’s kids, we took coins from mom’s kitchen masala boxes and bought candies. We wouldn’t find it interesting unless you were one of the 90’s kids. But in 2020, the 90’s kid who  loved-Alpenliebe still exists and we are going to explore the same Alpenliebe candy. But it is a strawberry flavored butter toffee. Stop talking and let’s dive in.

Why do people love Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry?

People love this because of its perfect fusion of strawberry and caramel flavour. The unique taste and easy affordability attract everyone towards Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry.

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Wanna Know About The Brand?

Wanna Know About The Brand?

Brand Name
Schiphol Ooost, Amsterdam
Area Served
30 Countries
Parent Company
Perfetti Van Melle
Schiphol Ooost, Amsterdam
Area Served
150+ Countries

Basic Overview

Lalach Aaha Laplapo
Sub category
Soft candy – Toffee
Cream Strawberry
Shelf Life
12 months
Net Quantity
28 g
Rs. 9
FSSAI License Information
Parent unit

Important Images on the Pack

The illustration is the ‘Alpenliebe’ logo. The word ‘Alpenliebe’ is in large white font. It is illustrated like a wave  and above the letter ‘i’ a tiny heart is also illustrated. The background blue colour highlights the complete logo. At the bottom of this, a castle is illustrated with snow covered mountains in the background. The word ‘Alpen’ refers to mountains.

The treat inside the pack is illustrated on the front side. It is a Cream Strawberry flavoured toffee. The ingredients are  mixed together forming a swirl and it  adorned the top side of candy. Thus it is a swirl designed butter toffee.

As strawberry and milk are used as flavours in making this toffee, it is depicted in the pack. Is it made of real strawberries? You will gey your answer by better on reading the ingredients section.

Unboxing Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry

Details on the Pack

a. Primary Packaging


b. Secondary Packaging


c. Tertiary Packaging

Taste Experience of Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry

Unpacking the treat is very much like going through stages in a video game because primary, secondary and  tertiary level  packaging have been done for the toffee.

The opening of  the primary pack,  delivers a strong strawberry aroma. You may think I am a fool to ‘smell’ because it’s already encarved  on the pack. Let us give you a twist, it’s not ‘sour’ strawberry aroma. It delivers a ‘strong sweet’ strawberry aroma from the treat and it’s not mentioned on the pack.

The treat is cylindrical in shape with white and pink combination .It. It is in swirl design with alternate white and pink colour. Glossiness of candy is clearly visible.

In touch attempt, one can feel that surfaces of the treat is soft. If a  piece is broken into two  halves, it does not get divided uniformly. The treat is partially dry  but it delivers a sticky feel in fingers due to room temperature.

It is a bit harder on the first bite but becomes chewy later. While eating, the treat is sticky to the mouth and delivers a sweet taste of milk and strawberry. It takes a long  time to get dissolved in our mouth giving sweetness at every suck.

Hard and slippery mouthfeel is observed. Even after consuming the treat, the strawberry taste fills our mouth giving a long-lasting taste.

Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry’s Ingredients

Source : Sugarcane
How : Sugarcane is crushed and juice is extracted. The extracted juice is heated and filtered. Then it is crystallized to produce sugar.
Why : Sugar acts as a base ingredient in Alpenliebe toffee. It gives sweetness and  base structure to the Alpenliebe toffee.

Source : Corn Grains
How : Corn Starch is extracted from corn grains. Then corn starch is hydrolysed (enzyme hydrolysis or acid hydrolysis) to produce liquid glucose. After  hydrolysis, the obtained liquid content is clarified and evaporated until the required consistency is obtained.
Why : Liquid glucose prevents the crystal formation and improves the quality of the Alpenliebe. It improves  texture and  smoothness.

Source : Not mentioned
How : The type of oil  or the fat used in this process is not mentioned. So it  can’t be defined as the  methods vary according to the type of oil.. But from the name, it is clear that it is a hydrogenated oil. Thus hydrogen gas is allowed to pass through the oil to get  the  required consistency of oil.
Why :
Hydrogenated vegetable oil gives texture and improves the brittleness of the toffee.

Amount Added : 1.6 %
Source :
How : Sweetened condensed milk is made by adding sugar to milk. Then it is heated  in a pan or food processing equipment to form a thick syrup.
Why : Sweetened condensed milk provides milk flavour besides giving richness to the toffee.

INS 1405
Name :
Enzymes Treated Starch
Source : Starch
How : The starch used is not mentioned. Mostly, corn starch is used. Enzymes treated starch is produced by treating starch with enzymes.
Why : Enzymes treated starch stabilises the emulsion in the toffee production. It also acts as a thickener providing thick consistency which changes the texture of the Alpenliebe toffee.

Amount Added : 1.3 %
Source :
How : Medium fat cream is produced by mixing milk with butter.
Why : Medium fat cream plays the same role as hydrogenated oil and  fat in milk. It provides rich mouthfeel flavour, chewiness and  improves the sensory appearance of the toffee.

  • INS 270

Name : Lactic Acid
Source : Starch or Molasses
How : Lactic acid is produced by the fermentation of starch or molasses by bacteria of Lactobacillus species.
Why : Lactic acid maintains the pH and acts as a preservative against yeast and fungi.

  • INS 325

Name : Sodium Lactate
Source : Lactic acid
How : Sodium lactate is produced by reacting sodium with lactic acid.
Why : Sodium lactate gives a sour taste, maintains the pH and acts as a preservative.

  • INS 500 (ii)

Name : Sodium Bicarbonate
Source : Industry
How : Sodium bicarbonate is produced when sodium carbonate reacts with water and carbon dioxide.
Why : Sodium bicarbonate helps in maintaining the pH and also gives a softer texture to the toffee.

INS 322

Name : Soya Lecithin
Source :
How : Soya lecithin is a by-product of soybean oil production. The soya lecithin is extracted from soybean oil by-product , using different solvents (ethanol/chloroform).
Why : Soya lecithin helps to mix and hold all ingredients together. It improves the quality of the toffee.

Type : Iodized
Source :
Sea Water
How : Sea water is evaporated under sunlight to produce salt. Then potassium iodide or potassium iodate is sprayed over the normal salt  to produce iodized salt.
Why : Iodized salt helps in enhancing the overall flavour profile of the Alpenliebe toffee.

Added Amount : 0.26 %
Source : Strawberry Fruit
How : Strawberry pulp is made by washing the strawberry and is blended well in the food processing equipment.
Why : Strawberry fruit pulp gives the strawberry flavour and colour to the toffee. The quantity used is low, how can it give strong flavour and aroma to the toffee?

INS 422
Name : Glycerol
Source : Industry
How : The transesterification of fatty acids/oils produces glycerol. It can also form as a by-product of other fatty acid production.
Why : Glycerol's major role is to retain moisture and act as a humectant.

Name : INS 124 – Cochineal Red
             INS 110 – Sunset Yellow
Type : 
Source : 
How : The synthetic food colours are made in industry by using multiple chemicals in multiple steps.
Why :
Synthetic food colours impart colour and enhance the appearance of the Alpenliebe toffee. There are two colours used in this toffee.
INS 110 – Sunset Yellow – 
imparts yellow colour.
INS 124 – Cochineal Red – imparts red colour.

Nature Identical Flavouring Substances

Flavour : Strawberry
Source : Industry
How : Nature's identical flavouring chemical structure resembles the chemical structure of the ‘Natural flavour’ such as a fruit but they are  completely made in a laboratory.
Why : Nature identical flavouring imparts flavour and improves the flavour profile of the toffee.

Alpenliebe cream strawberry ingredients our creation 1_1

Nutritional Information - Per Pack/Per Serve

Alpenliebe cream strawberry nutritional information

Per pack = 28 g (9 toffees)

117.3 kcal
24.28 g
97.1 kcal
0.04 g
0.17 kcal
2.24 g
20.16 kcal

*Per serve = 3.1 g (1 toffee)

12.9 kcal
2.69 g
10.76 kcal
0.25 g
2.25 kcal

There is no recommendation about per serve size. The per serve value given here is totally a perspective of mr_crunchy.


a. Weight Variants

b. Flavour Variants

Health Check

Complex Carbohydrates
Low Sugar
Low Saturated Fat
Low Sodium*
Not mentioned
Cholesterol Free*
Not mentioned
Trans fat Free
Caffeine Free

*Why is sodium given as not mentioned?
The sodium value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee. But, having a look at the ingredients list, there is a mention about the usage of salt, which contains sodium obviously. The value of sodium is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[1]
*Why is cholesterol given as not mentioned?
The cholesterol value is not mentioned on the nutritional list of Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee. The value of cholesterol is not mandatory to be listed in the Nutritional table as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulations, 2011.[2]

Dietary Check

Gluten free
Lactose free
Tree Nut free
Peanut free
Soya free
Sugar free

Things to know before buying

Veg/Non-Veg Symbol
Green colour indicates  Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee is a vegetarian product. Mentioned on the back side (in secondary packaging and tertiary packaging).

The multiple sources used in the production of Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee is listed. Mentioned on the back side.

Nutritional Information
The Nutrients present in the Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee are listed. Mentioned on the back side.

Per Serve
There is no serving size recommended on the pack.

Must See
There is no must see info.

Manufacturing/Packed Date
The date on which Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry toffee was manufactured. Mentioned on the back side.

Best Before/Expiry Date
For the best experience of the toffee, consume it before the given date. Mentioned on the back side.

Ingredients to Know Before Buying

Each toffee contains about 1.7 grams of sugar. For sugar concerned people, this is valuable info to be followed.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are highly processed oils that can have trans fat in them. This trans fat can increase LDL cholesterol level and  reduce HDL cholesterol. FSSAI and WHO recommends [3] not to take more than 1% of energy of your daily calories from trans fat. It is roughly about 2 grams (2000 calories diet). The 28 g of Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry pack contains 0.005 g of trans fat.

Synthetic food colours are added to the Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry. It can be sensitive to some people and can trigger various allergies or provoke them. It is better  not to use the products containing artificial colours if you are sensitive to them.

Warnings on Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry Pack

Alpenliebe cream strawberry warnings
Milk Protein Allergy
Milk Lactose Intolerance
Soya Allergy

Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry’s Packaging

The recycle number is not mentioned on the pack which denotes the material used for packaging. Meanwhile the primary packaging is made up of simple transparent material. This primary packaging might have been done to prevent  the treat from sticking to each other  as the toffee is slightly adhesive.

The recycle number is not mentioned on the pack which denotes the material used for packaging. But, the secondary packaging is made up of thick paper. The reason is to make a uniform arrangement of the treat and  to prevent moisture  entering into the pack.

Here also, the recycle number is not mentioned. But, the tertiary packaging  is made up of plastic film. This packing helps to keep the toffee fresh for longer shelf life, protects toffee from moisture and does not let  the aroma escape  outside.

The company illustrated a man throwing the pack into the dustbin; it means that after consuming the treat, an empty pack should be thrown into the dustbin.

It is mentioned ‘please do not keep under direct sunlight’. It conveys that sunlight can affect the toffee sensory attributes (taste, texture and aroma). So, it is advised to keep it away  from direct sunlight.

Claims on Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry

No claims.

Other Breakdowns in Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry

How much real strawberry is  there really?
You will be disappointed to know that it is only 0.26 % , yes only 0.07 grams is present  in this 28 gram Alpenliebe toffee. The amount of strawberry used is low and it does not give colour or flavour to the toffee. These are all taken care of by the artificial colour and flavours that are added. If you have missed what are the ingredients added in the product check out the ingredients section, you will be surprised after knowing  them.

What is Cream Strawberry flavour?
The Cream Strawberry flavour name is from the cream, which indicates the milk cream (medium fat cream to know more read ingredients if you missed it). The cream and strawberry flavour are  used to enhance the flavour and taste which is mentioned in this line.

Why is the Alpenliebe toffee brown in colour, Instead of white and pink?
Since the toffee is a confectionary product, sugar turns brown as it undergoes chemical reaction. When  sugar is subjected to heat it turns into a brown colour with the sweet aroma and it is the caramelized aroma. This is the reason the product looks brown in colour instead of white.

So how much milk is present in the Alpenliebe toffee?
The Alpenliebe toffee contains about 1.6 % of sweet condensed milk and 1.3 % of medium fat cream, which adds up to nearly 2.9 % that is 3 % (approx). There  is about 0.84 grams of milk in the Alpenliebe toffee pack (28 g).

Where & How to Store Alpenliebe Cream Strawberry?

Before Opening the Pack

Expectation Vs Reality


Some Interesting Facts Before You Leave

Fact 1
Once Van Melle factory was Completely Destroyed. During world war II, the Van Melle Breskens factory was destroyed and the company was forced to move to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.
Want to know the meaning of Alpen-Liebe? ‘Alpen’ means “A high mountain especially a snow capped one.” ‘Liebe’ means “Love.”
Fact 3
Launch in India Alphenlie Cream Strawberry, was launchen in 2002, which is first flavour extension after caramel.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a hard/soft-sweet candy which is smooth when sucked or chewed. It is made of simple ingredients: sugar and butter.

Alternative Products

Disclaimer: The information in this page is mr_crunchy’s perspective and is fully for information purpose only, not for any nutrition or doctor’s advice. Mr_crunchy completely recommend you to consult a nutritionist or a doctor.


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